Friday, August 20, 2010

Outline of our past few weeks....

This whole being an adult, moving, paying bills, buying a new house all on top of being a mommy and wife isn't as great as it's cracked up to be...I dont have time to blog as often as I would like.  I remember saying how I couldn't wait to grow up and be an adult and pay bills.  ::smacking myself::   So I'm gonna go through a fast forward to catch back up and hopefully stay on track this time!

When did she become such a big kid??

We played in the water hose NAKED!!

Ate some yummy Qdoba

Stripped in Wally World~got a 20% discount due to the "show"

Did some very important work...

Had our FAVE sushi and rice!

Practiced talking while holding our noses :)

Then mommy let her slide into the foam pit!  HA!

Balance beam activity!
Weve had a very busy few weeks but loved every minute of it!  We get to move into our new house hopefully by the end of next week!  That would be an amazing birthday present!!  ::ah um August 28 ah um::  Next we...

Went to check out our new home

found some plastic to chew on.  #momFAIL

Last night we were priveleged enough to watch my friends baby Eli!  He is so dag on cute and Mia just LOVED him!

"good boy"

went for a walk...

BATH time YAY!!

handsome baby E!

***Warning: extreme change of subject occuring NOW. ***

Mia is getting so smart it's unreal!  The things they pick up on are amazing!  Our backround pic on the computer is of Dave, Mia and I.  While I am at work Mia climbs into the computer chair, moves the mouse for the backround to pop up and says "momma."  Then she kisses the screen (according to the hubbs).  How sweet is that??

All by herself!

Well folks, that's all I have, you're caught up on our boring yet busy life! 

***Another change of subject***

I just wanted to have a short convo on postpartum depression (PPD) or basically anxiety/depression in general really.  Some of my fellow "tweeps" are having a discussion whether PPD is real and if it is "UNchristian" to take anti depressants.
Personally, I suffer from major anxiety and some depression.  I take medication for this.  I do not believe it makes me UNchristian by any means.  Yes, I do agree that, with God all things are possible.  I trust in Him with all of my heart, however I can not help that fact that I have a chemical imbalance.  Mental illness is the EXACT same as a physical illness.  You can't talk yourself out of having cancer can you?  Would you consider getting chemo UNchristian??  You can pray to God every day but I've never heard of stage 3 cancer just spontaneously disappearing without any treatment, just prayer.  I just feel that people who have mental illnesses are treated differently and have a negative stigma by others because of it.  This is not fair.  If you have depression, please PRAY and take meds if you must! 
What are your thought on this??  I would really like to know so please leave comments (mature, civil comments please!)