Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2nd birthday a nutshell :)

Mia's 2nd birthday party was a huge success!  We were surrounded by lots of family and friends, whom of which we love to death.  There is no greater feeling than to have MOST all of those who you cherish and hold close to your heart, all in the same room, at the same time, celebrating YOUR childs life!!  So humbling.  We are blessed!  Here are a few pics of her big day :)

Waiting for her friends!

Lori, Brinlee and Nadia


Me and Grant

Damon, Pam and Liam

Aunt Terri

Toni, Dave and Grant

Shooting hoops...

Jamie, Angie and Landon

Me, Tina and Eli

Our little fam!

Kyle, Brody, Charlie and Tina

Cuddles ♥

Me, mom and Mia!

Me, Rhonda and Mia


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where do I begin...

I'm so far behind I don't even know where to start.  It's been a very busy and trying two weeks.  I'm not going to elaborate because although I am basically an open book, I prefer to keep these past issues private.  For those who have asked, none of this has to do with Mia.  She is as healthy and happy as ever!  I appreciate all of the concern and prayers though!

So, I have a TWO year old now!  OMGosh I can't even believe it!  Mia has given me the best two years of my entire life.  I had no idea that my heart could be so filled with love for one little person.  She is an amazing little girl.  Lots of spunk and energy.  She is extremely *spirited* to put it nicely.  Although she may look like her daddy, she is very much her mommas daughter :) HA!  This little girl knows what she wants and doesn't stop until she gets it.  I have a strong feeling the teenage years may just drive me to the looney bin :)

Here are some stats:

Physical:  Mia stands at 34 inches tall and weighs in at whopping 26 lbs.  That puts her at approximately the 50% in each category.  She has come a long way from that little 5lb 13oz and 17 inch little peanut who wasn't even ON the growth curve! 

Eating habits:  Mia loves loves loves to eat.  She fits in perfectly with this family!  First thing every morning and multiple times daily, she will look me directly in the eyes and say "eat" while signing also.  It's as if she is saying "if you don't hear me, you can see me AND I know I have your attention because I'm in your face." HAHA!  Typically for breakfast she has a Nutrigrain bar with some kind of fruit.  She loves bananas, strawberries, blueberries, grapes and apples.  Besides mac-n-cheese, she's not really a carb kind of girl.  She turns down any kind of rolls or bread.  One of her fave snacks is edamame.  I honestly can't complain, my girl loves to eat and healthy food at that!

Sleep:  Mia goes to bed anywhere from 8-9 at night and wakes up anywhere from 8-9 in the morning.  This has been her normal sleeping pattern for months now and I love it :)  She is still in her crib.  She never tries to get out and I think she actually has a sense of security in it.  When she is ready for bed she says "nigh night" and grabs her blanky and her baby.  I tuck her in and start her ocean sound and never hear another peep out of her.  Mia takes ONE nap, usually 2 hours long, daily.  This is OUR time to wind down and regroup, because when she wakes up, it's non stop action until bed time!

Talking:  My oh my, over just the past few weeks Mia's vocabulary has soared.  I can't even begin to remember all that she says but here are some of the recent, cute phrases she says:
*When she was put in timeout, she looked at her daddy and said "that not nice!" HAHA  How can you even be serious when she does that?!  We had to look away because we were cracking up!
*If someone walks out of the room she says "Where'd he go?" with her hands out, palms up as if she's curious.  When they walk back in the room she says "there he is."
*She loves to sing.  Although we don't know all the words, she certainly knows what she is saying!  Her favorite song right now is the "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

Ways she impresses her momma: 
*She knows her head as her cranium.  What do you expect?  She is a nurses daughter!  HA!
*She knows and can point to 10 body parts
*When you ask how old she is, she holds up two fingers (usually her first finger and thumb) and says "tew"
*She knows and can make the sound of a horse, cow, monkey, duck, lion and cat.
*Her counting consists of this:  one, two, five... :)
I'm sure she has many more, I just can't think right now...she just amazes me every. single. day!

As soon as I get birthday party pics, I will post them!  Her party turned out awesome!  It was so nice to be surrounded by so many friends and family members that love us and our child!


Sunday, April 10, 2011


I know I have SOOO much to blog about, but y'all, it has been one ROLLER COASTER ride of a week.  From planning a big T-W-O birthday party, to EMS rides, to the emotions that come with the realization that your baby is now TWO.  I just don't quite have the energy right now to blog about them right now, but as soon as this next week or two pass and I get bday pictures, I will certainly post!  Thanks in advance for the understanding and any prayers would be nice! :)


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun weekend and busy week ahead...

We had a great past few days!  Friday I was off all day, so we went with some friends to a local Kids gym and let the kiddos run around for about an hour.  After that Meme and Uncle B came by to spend the night with us and play cards and talk and just hang out.  We love to have them over!

My big girl!

Saturday we went out with Mia's Nana and Grandpa to eat lunch and to Toys R Us (not just Mia's fave place, but mine too!!).   They bought Mia her first swing set for her birthday and a new baby, just because :)  Daddy has wanted her to have a swing set so bad he can't stand it.  He told me he gets all excited and anxious, kind of like I explain to him what I do shopping for her clothes! HA!  We are so very thankful to now have her a swingset!

Feeding her new baby ♥

Her future swing set!

Today we had a lovely lazy Sunday!  Mia and I both took a 2 hour nap!  We were able to lay around with the windows open and it was AH-mazing!  After our nap, Mia, Meme, Uncle B and I all went for a walk and then up to the store.

Miss Hollywood loves her wagon rides!

Meme bought Mia this cute little Minnie/Mickey Mouse chair!  She just had to have it!

Mia has started doing this really funny face thing where she smiles so big and scrunches her face so hard that her nose and eyes scrunch up.  She does that for about TWO seconds and then follows it up by her "OOOHHH" face.  Then the big cheesy grin.  Then the OOHHH.  It's a hilarious cycle!  Here's the progression...

Big cheesy smile...

...then the "OOOHHH"....

Big cheesy grin...

"OOOHHH"  It goes on and on and on!

This coming up week is going to be very busy for me.  Her 2nd birthday is Friday and her party is Saturday.  I've been sitting down, making notes, highlighting, bullet-pointing, etc. etc. trying to prepare for all that has to get done before her BIG DAY!  I am so excited, yet also ready for it to be over.  It's going to be very bittersweet for me.  I think this birthday is much harder than the first one because she is SO much more independent.  I feel like I'm losing my baby :(  Although, she is getting lots and lots more fun! :)