Monday, June 30, 2014

PET Scan results!

PRAISE GOD FOR GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Oh my word, I was a nervous, hot, nauseous mess this morning, in anticipation of scan results.  Why is it that those minutes go by like c e n t u r i e s?

The nurse practitioner came in and asked if I had seen the results yet (because I have access to his records), but I don’t look that crap up.  It scares me!  So she proceeded to say that it was really good!!

Long story short, the original tumor showed “marked decrease in size” and no metastasis anywhere else, including the one lymph node that was originally involved!!!!  The original tumor was 4X4X11 (cm) with a SUV (how “active” or “aggressive” it is.  The higher the number, the more active.) of 22.  The new size is 3X3X4 with a SUV of 4.5.  So not only did it kill a lot of it, it slowed that sucker down in activity!!!  It was so nice to know that we weren’t going through all of this for “nothing.” 



I told you this boy is superman!  His positive attitude and fighting spirit is not only helping him through, but is helping pull me through.  Love him with all my heart, PLUS more.


I have praised and thanked God all day today! I have been so angry at Him lately, and questioning His plan/will. He has been teaching me little lessons all along the way, but today?  HE HEARD AND ANSWERED MY PRAYERS!!!!

My only wish is that I could physically hug him tight and thank Him and weep happy/thankful tears at His feet.



Chemo week. Round 3, Day 1

Seriously?  Already our third round?  This is the only time I am *kind of* happy about our lives flying by.  Although I don’t want my girls to grow up so quick, I just want to be done with this chapter.  I don’t want us to spend so much of our lives at the hospital, separated and waiting to exhale.
But, today, we were able to exhale (just enough to make us a little bit more comfortable) more than we have at all in the past two months.  So what did we do to celebrate our good news?  Well we had a nice dinner date in the hospital room, of course!  Thanks to some really amazing friends for the gift card ;)


The chemo didn’t get started until about 630pm, so Dave is still feeling quite normal.  His blood count before we came in today was all normal, except for his Hgb, which was up from the blood transfusion, but still lower than a normal male, 10.3.
We are just hanging out, getting this party started.
Chemo. Bring it on.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Feeling good and family day!

I woke up to a husband with PINK lips, y’all!  His overall shade is not “recycled loose leaf paper” anymore! The blood has officially kicked in and he feels much better!  Praise the Lord!  We got out for a family day, which included browsing through Toys R Us, the mall and getting some groceries from Whole Foods.
Daddy and I decided the the girls could each pick out ONE toy!  They have an overabundance of toys, but we don’t do it all of the time, and honestly, it makes our hearts more excited than theirs, to see them so happy.  We probably wouldn’t have had to even buy anything, they just love to browse!  Their excitement as they look at each new toy/item and say “Look MOM!!” is totally worth it to me!

Finley is all about the baby dolls and Mia is into the Barbie's!



When we got home, we grilled out with Aunt Terri and Uncle Charlie!  Daddy cooked chicken and the fresh vegetables from the garden!  After yummy dinner, we had a nice family (minus ONE) walk, followed by some swim time.






And my model fur baby, hanging out by the pool!

Finley’s best mean mug.

This year (2014), and last year (2013).

This new face…
Cracks me up!
Baby girl KNOWS how to do poolside lounging…


After swimming, Uncle B came over to visit us!  We sat outside and talked and enjoyed the weather. 
Finley and Jackson…
Aren’t they cute?  He is so, SO chill. Funny thing is Finley was only half on the seat, so she got out, walked around to the other side, and this…

She’s turning into a BOSS, like her big sis!

After a while, I came into the house to this…
Finley and Aunt Terri fell asleep watching music on the Ipad!!

We jam packed our day!  We tried to savor every ounce of our “daddy feels good” day! 
I have the best people.

**Please pray for good results from the scan tomorrow**

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Scan, Blood work, gymnastics, shopping and partaaay

Yesterday Dave had blood work and his PET scan.  I don’t really know why, but I was much more nervous this time, than the first.  He has had a headache for the past few days,and he has had a little cough since last Saturday.  I just don’t want it to spread anywhere else.  I pray all.the.time.  I fasted all morning and prayed so hard the whole time he was gone.  Once he was done we both had some lunch! 
So, his blood work came back with his platelets around 50,000 and WBC around 7.  However, his hemoglobin (part of the red blood cells that carry oxygen to our bodies) was extremely low (especially for a man).  When you typically here of someone being anemic, hemoglobin, or Hgb, is the number that is typically low.  Normally, for a healthy man, the levels are around 14-18, depending on the lab.  Dave’s Hgb was 7.4. If you have ever been anemic, then you know how terrible it feels.  No wonder he was lightheaded, dizzy, weak, pale, and had a headache!  Anemic PLUS chemo PLUS moving?  Y’all, I have a superman on my hands.  He is so strong and brave and I am SO proud of him.  There is NO WAY I would handle all of that as well as he does.


Needless to say, he was scheduled to have a blood transfusion tomorrow (or, today.)

This morning, he went to the hospital for his transfusion, and I took our big girl to gymnastics!  I am trying to keep her life as fun/normal as possible and she really enjoys gymnastics!
“Mia, smile for mommy!  PLEEEEAASSEE!!”

Please, no one remind me of how fun 15 will be.
After gym time, the girls and I burned some time at, none other than, TARGET!  DUH!  Did you think I would go anywhere else to browse??  HA!  We invited uncle B to come hang out and (!!!!!) SINCE HE IS DRIVING NOW, he got to drive himself to meet us!!!

And seriously, this is why I take this girl with me.  She is a hoot I tell ya…
And Finley’s mean mug photo bomb.  HAHAHAHAHA.  This is my life :)

Next up, our Brody mans birthday party!
These two have been double trouble from the get go ;)

Opening gifts and his “Poo dough.”  What is it with boys/kids thinking all things poop and farts are hilarious?! 

Hanging out, swimming, having a blast!

And this boy…
Is the dag on cherry on top!  My word I could squeeze him so hard!!
Although Dave wasn’t all the way back to par, we still had a great day!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our last day, in our home

We got everything out, as we were supposed to move today.  It got pushed back until next week, so I had an extra day at the house to reminisce and play and clean!

Why does this face of pure joy swinging throw me into a meltdown?!  I mean, look at this happy girl!  I hate, hate, taking this away from her. 

Sweet sisters.  My heart aches thinking about this last day.  I know, it sounds ridiculous.  I am such a sentimental junkie. Everything (especially now) makes a memory.  I stop and smell the roses now.  No one event seems ordinary now.  Everything is special.

Someone!  Quick!  Up my meds!  HAHA. Kidding (but not really.)