Monday, September 24, 2012

And she’s off

Mia has officially started preschool!  Well, September 13 was her first official day, but I’m a little behind posting! 
And to say that she loves it would be a bit of an understatement!  My dad asked me if I was sad, but honestly, no. Not at all. Maybe I would be if she didn’t want to go, but she enjoys herself and mommy gets a little breather.  She just walks right in, puts her backpack in her cubby, goes over to the little sink and washes her hands and starts playing.  She is such an independent little girl anyway, school just makes her blossom.  And that? Makes my mommy heart smile :)


I can I just add how stinking hilarious she is?!  I mean, really. She makes me laugh every day by something she says or does.  For instance, here is a conversation from the other day when we went to pick her up from school.
Mia: “Hiiii dad!”
Dave: “Hi Mia!  I missed your face!”
Mia: “I missed your beard!”   HAHA!
Of course I then reached over and gently tugged at Dave’s ever expanding beard and Mia says “Mommy!  Don’t pull my daddy’s beard!”  Ok, Mia.  “Because I said so!  Tell Daddy you’re sorry and go to timeout!” 
OH my, I have such a bossy and sassy girl on my hands :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grow Sammy grow!

H 1.5 is growing by leaps and bounds these days!  She is so smart and we can already tell how close her and Mia are going to be.  Mia is her person.  She looks out for her and Mia for Sam.

Mia will go right up to Sam, gently grab her little face and say “Ohhh Sammy, oh Sammy!  You’re so cute!”  Sam just eats it up and licks all over Mia!  It is so sweet!


Thankfully she is starting to get out of her puppy biting and scratching stage.  There for a while poor Mia had scratches all over.


Sammy LOVES to just hang out outside.  Especially if her little buddy is outside :)


She is such a sweet and protective dog already!  We love her :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

22 Weeks with H2

Yes, I know I am terribly behind in these posts, but we have been extremely busy.  I have been taking pictures though!


I am definitely in the 2nd trimester bliss right now!  I feel great and I’m not too big to where I am uncomfortable yet! 
Cravings:  Well, not any particular food. I LOVE crunching ice (yes, I am probably anemic), and absolutely crave the smell of white out and gasoline. Weird.  I know.  Just know that I DO NOT go around sniffing white out or huffing gasoline (although I would love too!)!!  I will be talking to my doctor about this at my next appointment.  I have started taking iron, so hopefully that helps.  I did this exact same thing when I was pregnant with Mia!
Symptoms: None really.  Feeling great, but it is getting harder to bend over to bathe the kids or tie my shoes :)  HAHA
Movement:  This little lady loves to move around, but mostly in the middle of the night.  Not a good sign for what is in store for me ;)
I am truly enjoying this pregnancy.  I am in NO hurry what so ever to get her out.  I am cherishing feeling every movement and just being pregnant.  However, I feel like this time is going so much faster than with Mia.  I don’t worry about every.single.thing. this time.  It’s so nice!  God has definitely blessed me beyond what I deserve!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun!

Mia’s cousin Jazzlynn is staying with us for the time being, and I do believe she (both of them, actually!) is enjoying it!  Here are some pics to prove it :)

Hanging around the house…

Mia’s first day of preschool…

Church!!  They are loving Awana this year!

Din Din at McAlister's!

Showing off her new Sperry’s Poppy got her :)


Going out shopping….

Wild and Crazy trampoline fun and hair!!

These girls are so much fun!  Can’t wait until Huff girl #2 gets here!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A rainy kind of day…

Yesterday was kind of a gloomy, lazy day for us.  We went out to see my parents and let Mia dress herself, which was perfect because when she came out of her room with her rain boots on, on the wrong foot I might add, they were perfect for the forecast!  I just wish I would have known that a rainy day was going to turn into a perfect photo shoot opportunity, because I would have brought my good camera.  However, I didn’t, so here are some cute pics from the iPhone…


Right when the rain started…


I don’t think she thought we were going to let her play in the rain, so she was super excited! 


Puddle jumping…




My pretty wet girl!



And, the clothes so wet and heavy now they hang off my tiny flat butt picture…


Sweetest little plumbers crack EVER!!!  HAHA



After THAT much fun, this happens..


Ahh the rough life of my daughter!