Monday, July 26, 2010

Doctor and Gattis and shopping OH MY!

This is my beauty shopping for Cabbage Patch dolls...

And trying on hot shades for the summer!

Those pictures had no relevance whatsoever, just that I wanted to show you my diva!  This whole post is gonna be really random, because I didn't have a clue what to write about!  I don't have near as interesting of a life as my friends! HA!

Within the week we had a few chores.  First we had to take Mia to the doctor to get her blood drawn...

Tornado Mia ripping the paper!

THEN, Mia and I had a super special date night, just the two of us, at GATTILAND!

chowing down on some cheese bread!

BIG bite!

So thats our simple, boring, fantastic life!  AH I love it!

Just about every pic Mia is eating!

Baby Geraldine!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

One of those "womanly" moments

So, I'm having one of those "emotional, womanly" moments right now.  No, I'm not about to start my period, no nothing bad has happened-it's just ONE of THOSE DAYS!  I'm sitting here thinking of people surrounding me and their struggles with life right now.  I feel for them.  I am helpless.  There is nothing to say or do but BE there.  Then I decided to read some blogs.  HOLY COW, what was I thinking.  I'm reading about these STONG mom's who's children are fighting life threatening illnesses.  I see women who are struggling just to be a momma.  These mothers are an inspiration.  Tears are flowing down my cheeks as I look over to see my precious baby girl, sleeping peacefully.  I am overwhelmed at how blessed I am, and how I don't deserve to be AT ALL.  I think of these brave women and can not even IMAGINE what it would be like to be in their shoes.  I admire each of them and pray for them and their families.   

I know I say this all the time, but I don't even know how I can have this much love in my heart.  I can look at Mia and be in total disbelief that God put this much love in my body.  It's completely unexplainable.  I love Mia more than anything in this world.  She is my world and I could not live my life without her.

Tons of prayers going up tonight!  Could you say a short prayer as well? 


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Science Center and the park!

This is what we do while we wait to get our oil changed....

Daddy cuddles Mia's baby Timmy

Loves her baby!

she thinks daddy is hilarious!

And we test out Mia's future car! HAHA

Today had to be the best day of summer by far!  Dave, Mia and I spent all day together just enjoying each others company and the beautiful day.  We went to the science center first, where the main exhibit was ELMO!!  Mia LOOOVVVEEEDDD it!!  Then we went walked to the park from the science center so Mia could play.  She was walking around like she's 15 or something! HA!

eating some Mr. Gattis!

on our way to the science center.  Mia and Timmy take a nap :)

Sweet Angel!

OMGosh!  It's ELMO!!

Elmo, Mia and Mommy!

Sitting on Sesame Street front porch


showing digestion...the "poo" one FARTS really loud!  Hysterical!

so big!

Chillin at Elmos! You know how we do! HA!

Obstacle course!

My little game show hostess...

Big Bird with Mia and Daddy!

She loves shopping :)

Um, yes, I would like to buy that!...

Daddy and Mia playing grocery!

SLIDE time!

crawl to mommy...

Playing in the water!

That polar bear was HUGE!

My astronauts ♥

To infinity and beyond....

Black light haha!

no comment!  HA!

"wildcat" horse.  This one is for Poppy!

splashing in the water at the park!

how cute is she?!

more sliding!

Big stuff!

Whew it was HOTT!

look at that red little face!

Best girls!

Blue Raspberry sno cone anyone?!

Mia please!

Smurf smiles!

My heart!

What a fantabulous day!  Thank you God for blessing me so abundantly!  My blessings overflow!