Thursday, November 11, 2010


Lots of info to share, so listen up.

My girl is 19 months!
*size 4 diaper
*24 month-2T clothes
*size 6-7 shoe
*you now say: yes, deuces (unfortunately), try to count,diesel and many more...basically you try to repeat everything we say!
*you give kisses with puckered lips now!! We always say mmmm Muah!  So you say oooohh WAA!!
*There is a song that says caught on real fast and now say it and hold your two fingers up when the song comes on :-/
*you are like a little parrot!
*you are VERY independent-we can't feed you anymore or you wont take it.  You have to do it all yourself!

Silly girl!

so funny!

For Halloween Mia dressed up as Tinkerbell.

Mia and Poppy ♥

Daddy and Mia ♥

It was so funny because every time we went up to a door, you thought they were getting stuff OUT of your bag instead of putting it in and you got soooo mad!  You wouldn't let anybody even touch your bag! HA!

Yummy sucker!

We like to take trips to the zoo on mommy's days off.  You love to play on the playground and look at the animals.  Last visit, your favorite was the giraffes and you started licking your lips and sticking out you tongue like the giraffes were!

Big girl!

Going down the slide all by yourself!

November 11, 2010 you got your very first little hair trim!  It's not that your hair was long, but it needed to be shaped up!  Mommy went prepared with my camera and a sucker to keep your attention!

so far so good...

Hi Rhonda!

Such a good girl!

After the haircut, we went to lunch at Mr.Gattis then went to get a pumpkin ice cream!

First ice cream cone!

You have grown so fast, my heart breaks.  I love to see you grow and develop, but I also miss the small little cuddly baby I used to have.  However you will always be my baby no matter how old you get!  I love you more than you will ever know!