Friday, September 23, 2011


We had a playdate with my friend Tina and her adorable little man, Eli.  It turned out to be such a beautiful day outside, so we decided to go to the zoo!

Our little monkeys watching the monkeys!

my little big girl!

I mean seriously?  How cute are they?!

Mia is so funny because of the "heights" phobia.  On the playground there a little bridges to walk across and she is always so scared that she crawls across!  HAHA!  Poor thing, all the kids run past her as she is clinging on for dear life! :)  Eli kept running back and forth over the bridge like c'mon girl, this is a blast!  He is ALL boy though!

We got to see Mia's family! HA!

She fits right in!!

She kept wanting me to slide with her and after each time she would say  "Momma, AGAIN!!"  Love that baby girl!

Such a sweet little guy :)

This face only LOOKS innocent!

After the zoo we went to Meme and Poppy's for a while and then I went to a scentsy party for a friend from bible study.  She is raising money for her adoption.  I hope she makes a lot!  Adoption is so expensive and that is just sad to me.  There are so many babies and kids that need good homes and some people just really can't afford that many thousands up front.  I wish the best for them because mommyhood is pretty much the best thing ever!

Tomorrow Dave and I have a marriage seminar, followed by a work picnic at Kings Island and then it's DATE NIGHT BABY!!!!  Mia will be spending the night with her Nana and Papaw so that mommy and daddy can have a night together!  I absolutely love our time together as a family, but I've got to put my marriage toward the top (right under God!) of my priority list!  Once Mia is grown with a family of her own, I still need my best friend!

Oh and I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was funny...

"Parenting is a tough job when you think about it.  Long hours, no pay, the boss is moody and demanding and benefits don't kick in until years later.  Ehh, at least my co-worker is hot."  I just loved the last part and parenting is totally, 100% worth every second!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This and that and one of those days

This past week or however long its been, has been an uneventful, yet eventful, week.  Make sense?  We really had nothing big planned but have still been very busy.

I had a "mom" seminar at church on Friday, Saturday we had a cookout/grandma birthday party at My Old Kentucky Home park and watched the UK v. UL football game (GO CARDS!!), Sunday church, Monday doctor and today family pics!  Shew.

My little curly head!

Look at that dirty little face!  LOVE!

Silly girl!

Mia and her Nana

I've had a couple of different people that know and "watch" Mia through church and her school tell me a couple of times that Mia doesn't talk.  In fact, they had never heard her talk until I came to pick her up and she immediately started talking.  You know, hearing that once you just kind of brush it off, but hearing it 2-3 times from different people on different accounts kind of worries me.  I don't know why I let it get to me because she is just a little chatter box around family and friends.  However, I did what any crazy and freaky concerned mother would do, I consulted her pediatrician.  Now, keep in mind that we have the best pediatrician ever.  EVER.  No really.  I have his cell number in my phone.  He is amazing!
When I told him the situation, he nodded in agreement, as if he knew what I was going to say and that it was normal.  He told me that it is completely normal behavior and a personality thing.  He assured me that just like adults, toddlers all have different personalities and she may just be a little anxious to talk to people when her mommy and daddy aren't there.  For crying out loud, I'm very shy until I get to know you!  So THERE!  All the people out there that thinks she doesn't talk!  Maybe she just doesn't like you.  LOL just kidding ;)
I guess like any mom, when something is said about your child, your mommy feathers get all ruffled and you take offense.  You can say anything you want about me, but talking about my kid brings the Hulk out in me!  Dear Lord, help me when she gets older!!

Today we had family pictures taken.  Or tried to have them taken, I should say.  Mia showed her true defiant-toddler self.  She would NOT cooperate for anything.  I think she is so over cameras being in her face all the time that she starts acting out when it's time for pictures.  If any of you know me, this stresses me out.  I was totally worn out by time we got done with the session.  However, I am confident in our photographers skills and know she probably got some really good ones :)

Family pictures, sucker for bribery and no nap.  Guess what kind of rest-of-the-day we had?  My parenting and patience was tested to the max today.  She was being very disobedient, throwing food and splashing large amounts of water out of the tub.  I couldn't turn my head for a second!  I would challenge anyone who thinks sugar does not affect kids to take mine for an hour after she's had a cookie.  You will change your mind.  I assure you of that.  Days like today RE-confirm my strict diet for her.

My little princess is now getting her beauty sleep and hopefully she wakes up on the Bright side of the bed tomorrow because she has a big day of school and AWANA!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Football, discipline and doctors visit

Saturday we traveled down to Bowling Green with our friends Philip and Melissa to watch the WKU/Navy football game.  The weather was beautiful up until the very minute we stood up for the National Anthem, which is when the rain started falling.  That's totally OK though because it cooled it down and made for a fun story with everyone scurrying out of the stands to seek cover!

Yep, that's me.  Totally wearing a Louisville shirt.  Whatev :)

After the game we went to eat some yummy sushi at Yuki.  We laughed so hard my cheeks hurt and we ran the table off that was behind us!  HA!  But hey, we had a kid-free night, we were having fun!  We didn't get home until about 1:30 in the morning and this momma?  Was feeling it!  However, that is not to say that I didn't look at my kids pictures, call and check on her or talk about her most of the night!

Sunday was my idea of a perfect day.  We went to church, stopped by the grocery for some "football" food, came home and lounged with the hubby, baby and Meme, Poppy and B.  We ate and watched football and talked for hours.  It was the ideal Sunday :)

Today Mia had a short day of school because she had her endocrinologist appointment.  This appointment was a check up AND a blood draw.

Looking at all the cars go by...

My heart, walking around outside my body ♥

Every since Mia was little she has loathed the doctors office.  She's went through so much in her little 2 years of life that I can't blame her.

Love bug :)

We try to make it as fun as it can be and bribe her with a "sicker" when she's done.  That actually worked today!

She typically screams even when they just "listen" to her, but she did GREAT today!  

My little trooper getting her "ouchie"

Now I am going to have some quiet time while the princess gets her beauty rest and daddy goes to work!

OH!  I wanted to document that I have been implementing new discipline techniques since reading multiple books on raising toddlers.  It has been working wonders!!  I never raise my voice and she responds so well. I get her to look me in the eyes so that I know I have her attention, correct her on what she was doing wrong and why, tell her she was disobeying and that Jesus says to honor your mommy and daddy, ask her if she understands and then follow up with a spanking.  She responds by saying "yes ma am." After her spanking I tell her that I love her too much to allow sin to take root in her heart and then kiss and hug her.  And guess what??  She usually obeys that and doesn't do it again.  We have seen dramatic improvement in her "terrible two" behavior.  Praise the Lord for awesome instruction!!!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor day, AWANA, makeup...

Labor day we went to Tiffini and Jacobs for a cookout.  We had great food, great laughs and great fun with lots of great people and all of their kiddos!

Mia, Jase and Anna on the trampoline!  The trampoline was a hit.  I would love to get Mia mommy and daddy one, but don't think we have enough room in our backyard!

Check out this shirt would ya!  I bought one in every size up until she's fully grown and an adult.  HAHA, just kidding, but I would LOVE too :)

Blurry, but you get the point :)

handsome little Jase ♥

Stud!  What a little ladies man ;)

Wednesday night Mia and I went to dinner at church with Tiffini and Jase before Mia went to her AWANA class room and I went to the 3 year old Cubbies room.  The food was delicious!

Before we left...

She was into her show!

Thursday Mia went to childcare at church while I went to my bible study and then we came home and had a very nice, well needed relaxing day!  We cleaned, read, did our little learning worksheets, had our "spa treatment" (see spa treatment blog entry!) and had quiet time.  I love days like those!

I am in the middle of reading The Parent Adventure and one of the chapters is on a "Yes Home."  It's, in a nutshell, about saying "yes" when you can and obviously within reason.  For example, Mia loves to try to get in my makeup and I always tell her "no."  But today?  I said "YES!"  Why not?  What would it hurt?...

eyeliner :)

I'd say she LOVED it!  And so did I.  It felt good to say "yes" to something that made her so happy and did not hurt one thing!

After our "pretty party" Dave, Mia and I headed out for lunch and a trip to LifeWay.  We came home had some quiet time and then this...

My heart?  Exploded!

When they wake up from their little cuddle sesh, Mia and I are off to spend the day with Meme, Poppy and Uncle B!

Have a great day everyone!!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend recap

 Friday night Meme, Uncle B, Mia and I decided to go have some Froyo because it was like THE hottest day of the year, plus we just love it!

Pink lemonade no-sugar-added yogurt with raspberries, mango and a few choc chips.  YUM!

I'd say she enjoyed it!

Saturday we got up and went to eat breakfast with Poppy and Uncle B (Meme had to work :( ) at Wild Eggs.  That place is amazing!  I don't think I've ever had anything less than delicious there.  After we got our bellies full, we took the dogs to the dog park in Cherokee park.  It would've been a fantastic idea had it not been 13000 degrees out.  Oh well, it was fun for the 10 minutes we were there!

I feel bad because we were so busy all day Saturday that I only managed to get ONE picture.  That is BAD for me!  However the one picture I did get explains it all...

Mia's lovely extended family took her out for a shopping date :)  I mean, the girl was going through clothes and racks and picking up everything and saying "Ohhhh, cuuuuttee!"  She is a trip.  At one point she actually picked up this leopard print tutu-type skirt (that was NOT cute) and kept commenting on how cute it was and was giving it to everyone because she wanted it!  Already a sassy little diva!  HAHA!

This morning was our regular Sunday church day and bible study.  After church we headed over to Dave's family cookout.  We had yummy food and got to spend quality time :)

♥ Mia and her Nana ♥


We rarely get family pics, so I had to get one today even though we are all wearing t-shirts and sporting messy hair (besides Daddy, HAHA)!!

Pretty love ♥

Mia is so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends surrounding her.  People that love her unconditionally and that are always there for her.  We are blessed beyond what we deserve.

Tomorrow I work for a little while, then we are headed to a friends cookout.  It's going to be a blast hanging out with great people and eating great food.  Can't wait!

*****OH! AND?  Mia pooped on the potty for the first time today!!!!!!!!!*****