Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh, HI!!

I don’t even know how to begin to catch up, so let me just apologize from the beginning.  This is going to be the Mack daddy of random blog entries. 



This wild child has been keeping her momma on her toes!  Although she is getting SO STINKING SWEET, she is so busy.  She is loving school and learning so much.  I love to hear her talk about her friends at school, who are currently Cheyenne, Emily and Brook.  She also just broke out the nursery rhymes all by herself the other night on the way home.  Little Miss Muffet, to be exact.  So so cute!



Lunch date at the Cheesecake factory with my little BFF!


Followed up by shopping, of course!!


Checking out her sweet new headband!


These days Mia isn’t really into anything, like hardcore.  She used to be so predictable of what she loved.  She went through the Elmo phase, the Mickey phase and the Rapunzel phase.  But right now?  Nothing in particular.  She is starting to get into some boy things, like wrestlers, super hero's, bugs, etc. 

So Dave and I decided to take her to Target to just kind of walk around the toy department and get some ideas for Christmas.  She LOVED the Fur real pets, the John Cena wrestling figure and the Avenger gear.



Why yes, that is Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield and the Iron Man mask!  She wanted the best of ALL worlds!  HAHA


Mia has also been taking lots of responsibility with Sam.  She loves to feed her and teach her trick, but now she can WALK her!!  It is so cute to see my 30-something-pound 3 year old walking our 50-something-pound dog!!


These two are like sisters!  They play and bond and FIGHT!  HA!



My sweet angel on Thanksgiving!  Man, I am SO thankful for this girl!  She totally rocks my world!


Shopping and lunch date with Nana and Aunt Terri was wildly successful!  She also ate calamari like it was nothing!  And this was the kind with the whole body and tentacles!  Even I wouldn’t eat it!



And of course I can’t forget about my smallest girl!  This is a 31 week picture!  I am feeling great, just getting the third trimester exhaustion!  This pregnancy has FLOWN by!  Mia loves to hold my belly and kiss her baby sister!  She loves to feel her kick and tells her she loves her all the time!  She is going to be a great big sister.  Melts my heart!  I can’t wait to see my girls bond and be friends!




I think I am caught up now and am going to try to stay on top of it!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mia and Sam

We had to get outside and play on this beautiful day.  I know these sunny and mild days are quickly dwindling before we hit the cold and gloomy days of winter, AND before we have a new precious bundle in the house.  So we made a day out of it!


Mia loves to swing and slide on her belly!



Sammy loves to chase her best girl around the yard!



Trampoline fun!



Love my girls!

Monday, November 5, 2012

The things she says

This post is honestly just for me to keep record of the funny things Mia says/does.  She is such a character to put it mildly.  And you know what, I wouldn’t trade that child, or her witty personality and spunkiness for anything!!

Over heard in the back seat:
* Mia talking to her 3 year old cousin on the way home from AWANA: “Jazz, say your verse.  God is truthful.”  Jazz: “God is truthful.” Mia:  “Good girl Jazz!!  You get a sticker!”
* Mia again talking to her 3 year old cousin, this time about Meme’s dog Mash:  Jazz: “Is Mass going?”  Mia:  “Jazz, it’s MaSH.  Say it, Mm,Mm, Mm Mash!” (As she is pronouncing like she is an English teacher).  Jazz:  “MASS.” Mia: “No Jazz, say it slower.  Mm,Mm,Mm MaSH!”

Overheard in her room:
*Mia talking to cousin:  “Here baby, lets put your shoes on!”  As she is helping cousin put her shoes on.

I mean really, how am I not supposed to laugh? She is her mother’s daughter :)  She is so stinking bossy and motherly!

For anyone who knows my daughter…

Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh, the STRONG will of my firstborn

I’ve heard other mothers talk about their “strong willed” 3 year old, but my feisty firstborn takes “head strong” to a WHOLE.NEW.LEVEL.  Ok? I’ve been told it’s because she’s 3, or that it’s a stage, or that she takes after me.  Yes, I agree.  She is 3 and yes, she does act very much like her momma, but this girl is even more bull headed than me!
You see, I didn’t have this “strong will” (according to my mother) when I was her age.  I was very much the people pleaser and didn’t want to disappoint anyone.  I was smart enough to stop the bad behavior I was doing to keep from getting into more trouble.  However, Mia?  She would cut her nose off to spite her face!  It’s been so bad sometimes that I was tempted to call her pediatrician and have her evaluated for a behavior disorder.
I just don’t understand, because one day she can be SO sweet and so funny, but the next day she is like a totally different child.  She knows how to push my buttons, and she does it well.  She also knows all those sweet little things to do to get her out of trouble.
When I say I am fearful of the teenage years, that is NOT an understatement!!


Can anyone else relate?  Please.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A girl and her dog

We went to the park the other day and it was absolutely beautiful!  My two babies, the human one NOT living inside the womb and the furry one, just needed to get a day out to run and play.  It was a perfect day with lots of good photo opportunities, however, leave it to me to forget my good camera :( 



Mia and Sam are really, really becoming some of the best buds!  Sam is not even 5 months old yet and is already pretty protective of her girl, which is the exact reason we picked a German shepherd for her.  If Mia goes to time out, Sam is right there with her, if Sam gets in trouble, Mia cries and yells “Don’t hurt her!”  They are partners in crime already :)
Mia loves to give Sammy her treats and fill up her food bowl.  She does well with telling her to “sit” and “shake” and Sam actually listens to her!  It is very sweet to watch.

Getting so big!!  At almost 5 months old, Sam is weighing in at 43 lbs.!!  We love our sweet furry girl!  HA!