Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just the way you are!

I racked my brain all day today trying to decide what to blog about, when I decided I would write a post on things I am thankful for.  However, on my way home tonight, the Bruno Mars song "Just the way you are" came on and it reminded me of a memory.  When I first heard this song, it was by way of e-mail from my husband.  Sweet? Of course!  But, the first thing that I thought of was my baby girl!  So when I heard the song tonight and I started singing it to her I just knew I had to blog this!  So I edited the song the way that fit me and my love for my princess!

Oh her eyes, her eyes

Make the stars look like they're not shining

Her hair, her hair

Falls perfectly without her trying

She's so beautiful

And I tell her every day

When I see your  her face

There's not a thing that I would change

Cause you're  she's amazing

Just the way you are she is!

And when you she smiles,

The whole world stops and stares for awhile

Cause  my girl you're  is amazing

Just the way you are she is!

Her lips, her lips

I could kiss them all day if she'd let me!

Her laugh, her laugh

She hates but I think its so sexy I think it's so adorable (didn't rhyme?)

She's so beautiful

And I tell her every day
When I see your her face

There's not a thing that I would change

Cause you're she's amazing

Just the way you are she is!

And when you she smiles,

The whole world stops and stares for awhile

Cause girl you're she's amazing

Just the way you are she is!

***Get the point?***

I mean have you seen this beaut??


Stylin and profilin!


My most fave person in the world! <3

Mia Camille, I love you more than words could ever express!  You are my heart and soul and you are AMAZING just the way you are!  You are beautiful inside and out! Don't let ANYONE ever tell you or convince you otherwise! (or else mommy will KUUUTT them!) ;)


Monday, September 13, 2010


Picture this:  I'm in my pajamas, hair knotted up in a ponytail type thing, wrapped in a fleece blanket eating Crunch 'n Munch out of the box and drinking a Sobe, staring blankly at the computer screen wondering what to blog about.  I would probably consider my life as "normal", not extremely boring to where I can't write about something, but not all that exciting to where I'm busting at the seams writing hastily about what is going on in my life.  So here I sit, pondering...
I've decided to tell you all some NEWS!  I'm very hesitant to do so, and you will know why at the end of the post.  So here goes nothing. ::sigh::

***We have started trying for baby number 2.***  ::winces::

For those of you who know me personally, I have fought with this decision, as well as the hubbs, for months now.  Our first experience was not the most ideal.  We tried for a year and ended up conceiving on Clomid.  The whole pregnancy was nothing but stress.  If it wasn't me being sick, having sciatica, varicose veins or extreme fatigue, it was the baby measuring small or something of the like.  Then, OH THEN, the delivery.  Yikes.  Never want to go through that again.  In a nutshell...post partum hemorrhage for me, pulmonary hemorrhage for babe.  It was rough.
Now, I have ran this "trying" thing through my head about 5,231,853 times and these are the pros and cons I came up with:

*Mia NEEDS a sibling-I hated being an only child for 12 years.
*My uterus is aching for a baby :)
*Mia LOVES babies!  She rocks them, pats them, feeds them...
*I miss having a baby.  I have a toddler now and miss a baby!
*I only wanted 2-3 years between children
*I have always wanted multiple children
*More kids to help with the household chores :))
*Mia will have a playmate and a friend
*My husband is an only child and always wanted siblings.
*Hubbs is dying for more children-I can't deny him that, right?!
*I finally WANT another!

*I don't know that I can love another child the way that I love Mia
*Will grandparents love the new one as much?
*Will everyone forget about Mia?  I can't have that!
*Less time/attention/money for Mia
*Mia will always be my favorite, right?
*Everyone else's opinion
*What if I can't handle another?
*Babysitter situation: who wants to watch BOTH of my kiddos?!

So, these are the things my mind races around every day.  I'm mentally exhausted already!

I think I'm finally coming around because we are settled in our new house, where we plan to stay for a very long time-if not forever.  Mia is becoming much more independent.  My scholarship will be paid off by next summer and Dave said I could work part-time (2 12hour shifts per week).  I feel like everything is falling into place, yet still nervous.  Is it really time for this AGAIN?

The reason I hated "officially" saying that we are "trying" is because now everyone knows.  Now people will feel free to make comments and judgements.  Every month people will ask "pregnant?"  I want this to be low key.  I do not feel as pressured this time.  If I can't have another baby, I'm ok with that because I have the best thing ever already!  If I do get pregnant, GREAT!  I am determined not to let this affect mine and the hubbs relationship/sex life (sorry if that is TMI-it's my blog I can say whatever I want!).  I refuse to let this cut into my Mia time.  I will not let my mind wrap so far into this that it affects everything in my life.  I did all of this with Mia and will NOT do it this time! 
I want this whole experience/pregnancy to be completely different from that of Mia.  I want to be more laid back and relaxed and actually ENJOY this pregnancy!  I don't want to rush it through, but enjoy just "being" pregnant and feeling the move of the baby.
All I can ask is that you pray for God's will to be done in our lives.  We are not in control and I trust that He will do whatever is best for us.  What do you think??  This is the one and only time I am ASKING for you opinion, so please take this opportunity and comment!  After this, you are cut off until asked! HA! 
Thank you in advance for all of your support.  I love you all!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Melting pot of news...

So everyone already knows that I am a slacker blogger...so shoot me!  Here is the catch up:

State Fair
We took Mia to her 2nd state fair trip and she LOOOVVVEED it!  We actually took her 2 days in a row because we had a little drama the first day.  Let me explain.  The group for the fair outing consisted of Dave, Mia and I and mom and dad and a couple of friends.  None of us had eaten that day because we had to "save" our appetites for all the yummyness of the fair food.  Also, keep in mind that on top of incredibly empty stomachs, it was like 95 degrees.  Another little detail: my dad decided it would be a good idea to down a "five hour energy" drink on an empty stomach in the heat...hmm umm...know where I'm going with this?...
Fast forward about 1 hour later, we are on our way to the Emergency room with a SICK daddy.  I was a complete nervous wreck.  I'm a huge daddy's girl and seeing my dad oh so sick scared me so bad.  Long story short-diagnosed him with dehydration.  DUH. 

State Fair take 2

We ate before hand this time.  No five hour energy shots.  Stayed inside most of the day.  Still had a blast!

Poppy and Mia and Uncle B

Talking to Fred!

The hubbs and his turkey leg

Sight seeing and a snack

I had to get this made for her!

My Birthday!

Y'all, I'm 26 now!  I know that is still young, but now I'm not in my "early" twenties, I'm in my "mid" to "late" twenties..eek!  My life has never went by so fast until I became a momma.  I feel like mine and my childs life are FLYING by and it makes me so sad.  It sounds cliche, but shherriously, I have a toddler and am in my "late" twenties!  WTH!
Anywho, I had an amazing birthday weekend.  My hubby planned me a great surprise weekend! 

After makeup, it was time to head home, get dressed and head out.  They took me to my FAVE sushi place to eat then for a night out on the town!  It was such a blast!  Then the next day, they planned the "family" birthday bash at another sushi place!!  That weekend couldn't have gotten any better!  Thank you Dave!


During all of this we also moved into our new home!  It is so cute and cozy and I love, love, love it!  I still have pictures to hang and a few boxes to go through, but other than that we are completely in and settled.  I owe a HUGE thanks to my parents, FIL, friends and Kyle and Tina!  Without them I would probably still be digging my way around the house!  I have such awesome support!

My favorite spot in the house: Mia's closet!

In other news, Mia is 17 months!!

My princess is getting so smart it amazes me!  Here are her stats:

*Says: mama, dada, DAAY (from hearing me call for Dave),  Dee (from when I call the hubbs "D"), what is it, ight (light), dog dog, AHHH th (mocking a sneeze, with a lisp!), Uh oh and bye bye!
* Size 4 diaper
* Size 5-6 shoe
* Size 18-24 month and sometimes 2T clothes
*You can point out your nose, ears, belly, toes, "hoo hoo", and your boobies!  HAHA! White trash I know...
* You eat EVERYTHING!  So glad not to have a picky eater!
* You love Elmo and some playhouse disney shows
* You love to grab daddy's phone, push the button and say "mama" to the picture!
* You are quite the climber-up and down off beds and couches and chairs! OH MY!
* You love to go outside and you have your Poppy TRAINED!  All he has to do is stick out his finger and you grab his hand and lead him outside!  He is like putty in your hands!  :)  You go to Poppy over anybody and usually don't go to anyone FROM him!
* You are like the Tazmanian devil-I can't turn my head for a second without you getting into SOMETHING!
* You have mommy's allergies :( So you have been very clingy to me (but I love it) :)
* You have 12 teeth actually IN, but your four K9's are at the surface
*You are a runner-I don't think you walk anywhere you go!  Always in a hurry!  Hmmm, wonder where that comes from... ;)
* I love you more than life itself

One last thing....
Dave and I are seriously talking about starting to try for another baby ::ducks head and squints eyes::  I know I said I would never do it again, but I have the fever coming on! HA!  Also, we are in our new house, I can go part time at work next summer AND Mia just can't be an only child!  I hated it for the 12 years I did it, so I want Mia to have a sibling!  Soooo....thoughts??  Please tell me your feelings...

Thanks for listening!