Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

We started the morning out right!  Meme, Poppy and Uncle B came over to be with us and eat birthday cake and watch Mia open her presents!  We first read the Christmas story, then had birthday cake in Jesus honor, then opened some more gifts!

The only time she has EVER woke up and had cake for breakfast.  Don’t get used to it, kid!


Mia LOVES her headphones so she can listen to her music!

After presents, we had to get ready to go to Nana and Papaws for another Christmas celebration!

My big girl, cheesy smile and all, ready to go!  How cute is this outfit??

All of the cousins, and daddy and his girl!

We topped off our Christmas night with dinner at our absolute favorite sushi place, with some of our favorite people!
My healthy little salad eater…


There is NO love going on there.  Obviously ;)  And it’s a shame that my kid has NO personality, at all ;)

Over the past few days, we have spent lots of time with loved ones, began and ended our Christmas holiday with sushi and celebrated the greatest gift of all, the birth of our Savior!  What a great time!  We are SO truly blessed!

Another Christmas celebration

Christmas Eve we took Poppy out shopping for Meme and then went to Aunt Terri and Uncle Charlie’s to open some presents!  Way too many presents, actually!  We have one spoiled little girl :)



Girlfriend, and mommy and daddy, RACKED UP! 

Mia with Nana and Papaw

And with Uncle Charlie and Aunt Terri!

Once Meme got off work, we went over there to open more presents!


We are SO grateful and thankful to have so many people who LOVE us and our little girls!  God is good!

When we came home, after the LONG day that we had, although it was late, Mia was still ready to make Jesus’ birthday cake for the morning! And I would NOT tell her no to that!


Finished product!
She picked out the cake and icing, and apparently girlfriend thought Jesus would really like Funfetti cake with pink icing and sprinkles!  I would have to agree ;)

36 weeks with H2

Thirty Six weeks.  Wow!  As this pregnancy winds down to the end, I find myself not in a hurry, AT ALL, to deliver.  Not that I don’t want to see her, but because of how much I have enjoyed this pregnancy and how fast it has flown by.  And also because I don’t know that we will have any other kids, I am kind of sad thinking that this may be the last time I feel the movements of a growing baby inside my belly.  And what an amazing feeling that is.
I love this little girl to the moon and back already and can’t wait to hold her, but am still sad it’s almost over.  Bittersweet.


In other news, look what just came in the mail…
I am SO SO excited to see my sweet baby girls in these sister shirts!  It’s crazy for me to even say that.  Baby girls.  Plural. Crazy.
And also?  Finley’s diaper bag is already packed and ready for the hospital!!  AHHHH!!!
4 weeks to go.  At the MOST!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

This and that

On Sunday we ran a few last minute Finley-need errands.  I am SO glad Dave is on shut down right now so we can enjoy all of this time together as a family of 3 before we welcome our new little princess!  We ran to Target to get some lotions and baby wash for H2, you know, the little necessities, and every trip to Target requires a popcorn and apple juice!




After our errands, we went to the movies with Poppy and Uncle B while Meme worked and Mia went to spend some time with Nana and Papaw!  After the movie, we went to Nana and Papaws, had dinner, picked up with little lady and came home! 

It was a fun little Sunday!

A little shopping and a Christmas celebration

Mia spent the night with Meme and Pops Friday night, so Dave and I got to sleep in and wake up and clean the house in peace!

Whew, the wild and crazy life we lead!  Ahh how our lives have changed over the past 4 years.  I wouldn’t change it for the world!


Once we got ready, we headed to pick up our little princess and then went to Nana and Papaws.

Mia’s surprise when she got there:


A stuffed Grinch and Max from Build-A-Bear!  She loves them! Can you tell??


We took Papaw out shopping for Nana and had lunch at Qdoba, followed by some playing with the train set at the bookstore!



After shopping, it was time to head back home to get ready for Christmas with Grand Poppy and Aunts and Uncles that live too far away! We went to eat at one of our favorite Sushi/Hibachi places, Sake Blue!

Just a few of the group!



It was so much fun, I got distracted catching up and didn’t take any other pics, but there was quality time and conversation had!


Watching the Hibachi show…





We had a blast, we just don’t get enough time with these people!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Just hanging out

We had a lazy day on Wednesday, just hanging out with Meme and Ben while Daddy and Poppy worked.  We love being with our peeps!


We started out by getting uncle B a haircut…



While we waited, we got to see how tall we were!



Then we headed to the mall, with NO intent to spend money, just time being together!

Of course our first stop was to Teavana, Mia’s fave place to sample their tea!  This mix is caffeine free and has lots of healthy properties, so momma can’t say no!  Plus it tastes SO good!



Next up: 

Throwing coins in the fountain!


Little girl loves to throw coins in the fountain!  She actually asks to go shopping at the “festival” (see also: the mall ) to throw coins!  HA!

We finished up with a little cookie treat from Panera!

Waiting on her special treat…



I mean the excitement kills me!


Seriously?  That face?  How stinking precious?!

It’s not about spending money, but just being together that is so much fun!  I cherish these little moments!