Friday, May 31, 2013

A new book and some new bling

Yesterday we hung out for the majority of the day.  We had to go buy new tires, yuck, and the weather was gloomy and rainy, double yuck.  So we hung out inside for most of the day, and I was ok with that! 
We go go go, all of the time, especially in the summer, so I was good with relaxing!

I love nap time!  Especially when I get to cuddle with these two cuties!

After daddy left for work, Meme and Ben came over to take me to pick up the car and then we headed to the book store.  I’ve heard a lot about this book, so I wanted to try it…
So far it has not disappointed.  A whole other blog and confessional coming soon for this!!
At the book store…

We started today off slow. We all got baths and packed up and fed (with 2 children, 4 if you count my husband and the dog, it takes a lot of time and work to get OUT of the house!!) and then headed to get little Finley girls ears pierced!  I really felt bad about it and even questioned doing it.  At 4 months is when we got Mia’s done and she has never fought me about them and they have never been infected, so I figured it was best to go ahead and do them now.  She won’t remember and I will be able to clean them perfectly!
So we went with it.
Before we left.  Trying to get in a good nap before we get out and about!

FYI: We were parked and hanging out in the car while daddy went in the store.  No, we do not let our children ride like this and Mia is always required to wear her seatbelt the right way.

They just love each other so much!

Check out my face in that middle picture!  At least I held her!  With Mia, Dave had to do it while I walked into a whole different store!!

So sad, but literally 30 seconds later, she was fine and smiling!
We next went to eat at Marks Feed store, where Mia ate an entire cheeseburger, fries, green beans and a corn muffin!  I swear I don’t know where she puts it all in that skinny little body!!

The girl LOVES some food!  She eats as much as a teenage boy!  And the thumb?  Totally UNprompted.

Little sister, being as good as gold, showing off her new bling!

We finished up our wild and crazy Saturday night with a grocery trip!  I know, I know.  Don’t be jealous!  However, it was THE perfect time for grocery shopping!  So peaceful and pleasant.  Apparently, everyone else in the world had more fun things going on.  We must have missed that memo.

Honestly though?  I enjoy every minute spent with my little family, even if it is at the grocery store :)


Thursday, May 30, 2013

New suits, kiddie pool time and CFA

So the time is here.  Swimsuit time that is.  I absolutely LOVE girls bathing suits, not mine.  Because, yuck.  But for them?  I die.  I’ve been eyeing these completely-amazing-so-cute-I-start-getting-all-giddy swimsuits from Janie and Jack.  My mom knew how bad I wanted them, but couldn’t reason with myself to spend that money on them, so she bought one of them for Mia’s birthday and I bought the other.  And can I say, they were so worth it???
Look at the cute that is oozing…

No, I did not tell her to pose like this!  Oh em gee!!!

After I took a few deep breaths in my brown paper bag and caught my breath from hyperventilating, we went outside to play while waiting for our friends!

Cool baby chilling with her daddy :)

That POSE! 

Hulk smash the water!


This girl is such a water dog!  Puts her face in it, goes under, splashes.  NO FEAR!

Such a ham…





Then Mia’s friend Alex came over to play!  She gets along with him SO well and I think it’s because she met her match in the energy level department ;)  And because my child is so rough and boy-like when she wants to be.  She is so perfectly well rounded and I wouldn’t change her for the world!

Sweet Max!

Meme and Ben came over a little later and watched Finley so Mia and I could go to CFA with Katie and her kids!  We came back and hung out and Mia passed out pretty quickly!  The sun and water will drain it right out of you!!

Another comparison

My children have always looked like their daddy.  However, I do think that the older Mia gets, the more she looks like me.  Here is a comparison.

Mommy on left, Mia on right.

What do you think???

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

CT, shopping and a dinner date

I started off early this morning with another CT scan of my kidneys.  I will be so glad when all of this is over!!  After my scan, I came back home, got the girls ready and headed out.
A couple of the high school girls from church had planned a shopping and lunch date for us to go on!  We ate lunch at Cheddars and then headed to the mall!  The sad thing is, when we got to the mall, Mia told us exactly where to go, in a specific order.  First up, she had to get her tea (a sample of the kid tea from Teavana), then if she is good we always get her a small cookie, next she wanted to “color” (go in Old Navy, they have a little coloring table set up in the back by the kids clothing, where we spend the majority of our time, ahem.) and finally she wanted to go in to the “Disney Channel” or Disney Store ;)  I think my girls may have worn out the high school girls!! HA! 

Yes, I am in for it.  I am aware.

Per the girls request, we went in to the Apple store.  And of course, my 4 year old found something for herself there too…
Just to play, not buy :)

Her absolute favorite!

After we got home, we had some quiet time.  Like, two hours, to be exact!  Mom WIN!

Right before I picked her up to nap…

After nap, Amanda, who is VERY pregnant with Avery, came by for a visit!  We went to dinner and then a trip to Target, for her, not me this time!  We came back to the house and just talked.  I told her to enjoy this last couple of weeks sans kids.  Her life is about to change, forever, but for the better, of course :)  Can’t wait to meet Mr. Avery!!

Summer is in the air!

Since I worked until 4 this morning, I declared today a LAZY day!  We hung out at the house and by the kiddie pool for most of the afternoon. 

Can someone please tell this child that it is NOT ok to look like a teenager already?!

And also?  This has just started happening…
Both of my children seem to think that it’s ok to grow at alarmingly fast rates.  Not ok, kids.  Not ok.

This is real life…

After daddy left for work, Poppy and Ben came over!  We went to dinner and then came back and Mia helped Ben wash his car! She also blew bubbles and drew with chalk.  You know, summer activities!



Pops showing Mia how it’s done..



Oh sweet summertime, how I’ve missed you!