Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Festival

I’ve never really been into Halloween.  Maybe a couple years when I was a kid, but it’s never really been something I looked forward too.  I don’t get all the hype with spending money on a costume and going around begging for candy.
Now that I’m older and a parent, I don’t care much for candy (with the exception of Reese eggs, trees, pumpkins, etc.!) and it is not something we allow Mia to have much of.  Of course she gets the occasional Dum Dum sucker for using the potty, but that is about it.  I don’t care much for scary things and feel that I have a lot more to do with my hard earned money other than buying a costume to wear one time.
Bah humbug right?! 
The last few years I have felt…obligated to participate, since I am a mom and all.  And that’s what good moms do right?  So I decided to go to the Disney store and look for a princess costume.  I found the cutest princess Jasmine costume!  Besides the amount material being next to nothing, the dag on thing was $50!  That didn’t even count the shoes or accessories that you know I would have had to buy for my girl!  This just confirmed my lack-of-love for this Holiday!  I am sorry if I sound like a prude, but do you know the kind of Christmas outfit I could get her for that?!
Long story short, I was going to skip not participate in Halloween this year, but Mia’s Nana and Papaw bought her a cute little watermelon costume.  It covers her skin AND keeps her warm :)
So that brings me to the Fall Festival at our church.  I may not take her trick-or-treating this year, but a festival at church I could not pass up.  We invited Tina and Eli to come along with us…
Mia and Momma…
Tina and Eli…
Our little cuties!  Yes, we will forgive Eli’s mommy for making him wear UK!  Haha :)
It was so cute because Mia kept calling Eli “We-lie” or “Le-Lie” and he called Mia “Meow!” HA!
Showing love…
We saw lots of other friends including Mia’s other boyfriend Jase!  Jase wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t try to get a picture of him, but we still love him :)
How lucky is my girl to have such cute little boys to pick from ;) HA!  At least I know I will love the in-laws!!
We had a great time!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Louisville Game

My good friend Aubrey invited me to go the the Louisville Football game with her last Friday night.  It was going to be a girls night since all of the husbands were busy.  Of course I couldn’t pass that up!  Food, Football and girls night?  Yes please!
Melissa and Mary

Aubrey and I
Aubrey and I were the only ones who were true L fans!  Melissa is a Kentucky fan who wore South Carolina gamecock gear!  It’s a good thing we love her!! HAHA!
It was so much fun and I laughed so much my cheeks hurt! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Huber’s and PRN

My work picnic this year was at Huber’s.  It was such a good time and the food was excellent!  We got to eat yummy food, pick pumpkins and pet the animals at the petting zoo.  We took Mia’s cousin Jazzlyn with us and met up with Meme, Poppy, B, Noona, Kyle, Charlie and Brody!  It was such a fun trip!
The girls…
And Mia’s favorite big cousins…
All the girls..Meme, Mia, Noona, Mommy and Jazz

It’s about impossible to get a picture with all of them looking at the same time! HA!

Mia didn’t care anything about picking out a pumpkin, she would just go and sit on all of them!  She was more concerned with playing with all of her cousins, and that’s ok, because that’s what means the most :)

And speaking of work, I got PRN, which basically means "as needed" and you get to pick your own schedule and it's a raise!  Woohoo!!!  Now I will be able to work my schedule around Dave's so that we can be with Mia more.  I will work much less and the pay should be somewhere around the same amount!  I don't get any benefits but that is totally fine because I don't take them now because we get better and cheaper benefits through Dave's work!  Praise God for answered prayers!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halo Photography

Through Facebook, we found a local photographer who takes amazing pictures for an amazing price.  I “liked” her on FB, so I just kept up with her work and fell in love with it.  When I found out the price, it sealed the deal! 
Since the closing of one of our favorite local picture places, I have yet to find any place I love to get our pictures made.  We desperately needed some updated family pics, so we decided to set up an appointment with Halo.
Here’s her work…
16 (3)1721 (3)222324 (3)2526 (3)28 (3)29 (3)
1 (3)2 (3)3 (3)6 (3)8 (3)11 (3)13 (3)14 (3)
22 (2)24 (2)
5 (2)10 (2)
Pretty awesome, eh?
If you want any information, just “like” her on FB and tell her the Huff’s sent ya!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blogging slump

I have been in a major blogging hiatus because I have been living IN the moments in my life.  Yes, I always stop to take a picture of the things we do, but then I have no motivation to write about them.  When I finally get motivation, I have so much catching up to do that it overwhelms me and I just don’t do it at all.  It’s not that I don’t love writing, because I do, I just like being IN the moment even more!

So here’s what we’ve been up to…

Trips to the library


Went to Carmen’s Cupcakes and Bucca di Beppo’s for Charlie’s birthday, and church with Jase :)



We had a birthday party for Brinlee at Club Tabby where we got to get all pretty and sing and dance!  We watched morning cartoons, went to Huber's, got flowers and learned how to put on lip gloss…


AND… we got a NEW princess bike from Meme and Poppy!



We’re living it up at the Huff house!