Thursday, May 31, 2012

Silly kid and random tidbits

Went to Kroger and got a sucker.  Acted like she had NEVER had a sucker before in her life.  Goober!




Tuesday Mia and I went and had dinner with Meme, Poppy and B at McAlister's and then froyo for dessert!  It was a great evening, but you can tell she had a little shu-gah!





Her Monkey face!


Whoever said sugar doesn’t affect kids, obviously has never seen mine on sugar!  That is ANOTHER reason why we limit the intake!  HA!


Also, check out our pretty flowers blooming…


Sunday, May 27, 2012

A weekend to remember

It’s been a good couple of days. Real good.  Not anything special or out of the ordinary, just good ole family time well spent.  Nothing humbles me and makes me feel more blessed than reflecting on weekends like these.


Although Meme had to work the whole weekend, we still had good QT!  We sure did miss her though.


Saturday morning, daddy went to help his mom and dad do some yard work, so Mia and I went to eat breakfast with Poppy and B.  After breakfast we had an impromptu shopping date.  Just the four of us!  There wasn’t a whole lot of buying, but instead just enjoying each others company and being together. 

Mia rode some overly priced, generic mall rides…



And Ben enjoyed some Starbucks…


He is such an old-man-trapped-in-a-young-mans-body type of kid!  Wouldn’t trade him for the world!

And look what Poppy bought for Mia…


Are those not the cutest??  Thank you Pops!


When daddy got done shopping, we met him at the local sushi bar and had lunch/dinner! 


We came home for a bit and daddy and Mia played on the slip-n-slide!




Don’t let him fool you, he had just as much, if not more, fun as she did!  Love those two!




Oh and we had some kiddie pool time…




Melt my heart!


After Meme got off work, we all went to the local theatre and watched “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”  It. Was. Hilarious!


This morning we got up, went to church and ABF, the mall for Mia a shirt* (more to come on that later!), and then to Aunt Terri’s and Uncle Charlie’s for a swim party/cookout!


I woke up to this…


Daddy and his cuddle bunny :)


Pool time!



And then he dunked her.  Completely.


She didn’t mind at all!  Such water bugs!



Even the dog enjoyed a nice swim!


Dave and I then went to our final marriage class/seminar.  I just love being around a bunch of Christian married couples in all stages of life.  Such a good mentor/mentee experience!


After that long and fun weekend, I’m ready for a chill day :)

Blood draws and game nights

Before I start, just want to warn you, this post will be a total photo overload!


Thursday morning Mia and I went to bible study at Tiffani’s house.  Mia got to play with Jase while mommy got to spend some time with the girls watching Beth Moore!




After bible study, we took Mia to get her blood work done.  The older she gets, the worse she is getting about it.  I think it’s because she has better memory now and knows it’s going to hurt.  And?  She is SO strong, I can’t hold her still.



This was before the “poke.”  Happy as can be.



This was right before.  Already stressing out.



Right after.  Notice daddy ending up having to hold her??  I literally could not hold her still!


Any time that happens, Mia deserves some yummy lunch!



I worked Thursday night, we just hung around the house Friday and Friday night we went to eat with Meme and B and then had game night at Meme and Poppy’s house!



Monday, May 21, 2012

A little girly time

Mia had her besties over today.  Brinlee and Nadia, of course :)  Nadia’s big brother Bryce came as well and he was SUCH a trooper!  He helped us keep the girls in line and entertained them.  Such a sweet sweet boy!



Mia and Brinlee in the pool!



Even though the water was pretty cold, Mia stayed in the pool, shivering and all.  Such a water baby! HA!



Pretty Nadia!


Mia loves these girls and always has a great time with them :)

Baseball games with the boys

This weekend we went to Charlie’s baseball game and Brody’s wee-ball game!  Mia just adores her big cousins and I love to watch her with them!


Mia and Charlie



Sweet Brody!  If there is anything that makes me want a boy, it would be this!  How cute is he in his little helmet and uniform?



Playing in the tree!



Mia and Brody



On the way home… She was HOT and tired.


After nap, we went out and bought Mia her “kiddie” pool.  And of course she immediately had to get in!



Playing with Uncle B.


Sunday we went to church, came home and played in the pool and then Dave and I went to our “marriage spring training.” I am LOVING it!  If you ever have a chance to get the David Platt Secret Church series on Marriage and Family, I HIGHLY recommend it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sweet, and not-so sweet sayings

This age?  THREE?  Is probably my favorite so far.  That is not to say that it is not the most difficult, because it is, but the personality?  Oozes from her pores.  I am really starting to see her very distinct personality.  Oh and the things that come out of her mouth!  Sometimes they make me happy and sometimes A LOT of times, they embarrass me!  Because she is talking SO SO much, I can actually have a conversation with her, and I LOVE it!
Here are some of the sweet things that she has said recently:
*Upon picking her up, she runs up to me and daddy and hugs us so tight and says, “I MISSED YOU MOMMA!”  She then looks at daddy and says “I missed your face daddy!”  HAHA
*Last night before bed she was rubbing my face and said in the sweetest voice, “I love you momma!” followed by a kiss on the head.  (When you find the puddle that was my heart, let me know.)
*In a silly voice she says “Momma’s SO CUTE!”
*She still refers to herself in third person.   She said “Mia hurt Mia’s leg!”  HA!

Some not so sweet things:
*She listens. A lot. To things that I don’t think are sinking in.  The other day I was trying to discipline her, she kept saying “zip, zip, zip” with the little hand gesture trying to interrupt me.  When I spanked her and put her in timeout she said “Momma I told you to ZIP IT!”  I didn’t know whether to laugh or lose it.  I chose to turn around, laugh and smile to myself, and then turn to her and correct her. Oh geez, I am in for it.
*While in the middle of eating, at a restaurant, she kept lifting her shirt up and saying “BOOBIES!”  She thought it was absolutely thought it was hilarious.  I however, had to take her for a “bathroom break” if you know what I mean.
*If Dave and I touch each other, even in the slightest-holding-hands-way, she immediately tells one of us “Daddy, don’t touch momma.  You get spanking and go timeout.  Tell momma you sowwy!”  All while pointing her little finger at us.  Bossy much?

If anyone has any advice for raising a 3 year old, do tell!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My sweet date

Mia and I had an impromptu little date today.  She needed new crocs and I needed some more hand soap, so we headed to the mall! 

It’s crazy how it’s the little things that make us happy.  We got Mia her new shoes and my soap then went to visit Mickey Mouse (at the Disney Store), went to Old Navy to visit with her little friend (the little mannequin!), threw coins in the fountain and finally had dinner together at Panera Bread!


I love spending one on one time with my favorite little girl.  I am drinking this age in. She can be so stinking sweet one minute and absolutely disobedient the next!  It’s a work in progress :)





Haha!  She loves this “little girl!”  She kept going up to her and holding her hand!  HA!




Such a great day :)