Monday, December 15, 2014

Up to date  Here we go...


Mommy and baby monster!

With the McKune boys and Jackson!


They are ALL girl...


Playing with friends…

Mia LOVES her some Nadia!

Aren't they the cutest little besties??


New adventures…DANCE!

Mia started tap and ballet!!


Louisville Basketball game!



Sweet sisters…

This typically lasts for about 2 minutes! HA!  I'll take what I can get.


More dance…

My sweet ballerina!


Breakfast with this cutie…

This angel baby just melts my heart


Selfies with the big girl!

Silly girl!


Embarrassed by the "poop" face!!

Finley Claire, you should be on the potty!


First snow!

Watching it fall...


Daddies little mini…

So much personality in this tiny little person!


Two of my three fave guys…

Aren't they handsome??


Trying on cute glasses, for fun!

Since she will most likely end up being in glasses, it's a good thing she looks like a rock star in them :)


What girl doesn't like Claires??

You can take this girl to Claires and she is content for hours!


New Ink…

A work in progress, but this is the "main" part.  "An anchor holds, despite the storm."  Complete with a yellow sarcoma awareness ribbon.  Love it and what it stands for.



Daddy went to the UL football game, so it was just me and these pretty ladies...

Her "coffee", ahem, hot chocolate ;)


My big girl, looking so baby-ish…

Why is it they look so sweet and innocent when they sleep?


All.the.guac. The kid loves it…

I hope her love for guacamole never ends.  To be so picky, I am grateful that I can get this snack in her!


Elsa obsessed girl..

I mean, OBSESSED. 


They can be sweet to each other when they want to be…



We took a road trip with Kyle, Tina and Max to IKEA! 

Sweet baby boy was wore out!



Mom kept Mia while we went to IKEA.  She called and said she didn't think Mia was feeling well because she didn't want to eat and stated she was freezing.  When we got home, she was laying on the couch, watching a movie.  Her temp was 102.4.  With all of the crap going around, I decided to take her in to get tested.

Strep AND Flu!  That girl is tough as nails, y'all.  Most adults can't crawl out of bed with ONE of those things, but sister is a champ!  Proud of my brave girl!  Now, sickness, go away, because my little girl isn't quite as tough as big sis! HA!
We've been busy!  Between me working more and school, homework, dance and doctor appointments, we don't have much down time. 
Dave is doing well!!  Just working on getting his arm to gain more function.  He still can't turn his arm over (palm up) and the doctor said it's because the bone hasn't grown to the donor bone and that he made need to have a bone graft (another surgery).  Therefore, he still can not go back to work.  We are hoping and praying that his bone starts to "take" to the donor bone and that he gains close to normal function.  But right now, I am still PRAISING GOD for him being CANCER FREE!!! 
The plan right now is just to do scans every 3 months to make sure the cancer doesn't come back and physical therapy.  He is the strongest man I know, so I know we will get through this.  Praise the Lord for His healing on my husband!
And just because I have great timing, ahem, I have applied to go back to school to get my Master's (Nurse practitioner).  I am excited, yet, starting to question if I should.  I have never had a student loan and I don't want to have one and put us in debt.  Right now I am praying for answers in what I should do. 
Sorry for the super long post, but now we are up to date!