Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A case of the sickies

Sunday night was crazy!  Once we all fell asleep, we slept great until about 430am.  That is when Finley decided to wake up and CRY FOR TWO STRAIGHT HOURS. I took her to lay down with me in Mia’s bed so that we wouldn’t wake daddy or Mia.  She was pretty much inconsolable.  I changed her, tried to feed her, hold her, rock her, etc.  Nothing made her happy.  She was spitting up quite a bit, so I figured maybe it was something I had eaten maybe upset her tummy.  But I was exhausted!  She finally fell asleep around 630, thank goodness!

Since I was up through the night, daddy took Mia to school so that we could keep sleeping.  When he got back, he even took Finley with him so that I could get another 1.5 hours of solid sleep!  Thank you daddy!!
Once I got up, Finley needed to eat and then she was in such a great mood, we played some and did lots of tummy time!  This was the first time she actually didn’t cry through it and was actually smiling!! 

How big is my baby??


Oh my word I could squish her!!


When Mia got home from school, she said 3 things that put up my red flags.  She didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to play outside and was cold.  This girl always wants to eat and play outside and never wants to wear a jacket.  I could just see in her eyes that she wasn’t feeling the best.  I took her temperature and she was 101.4.  I knew it.

She curled up in a blanket on the couch. Breaking her momma’s heart.  I know kids get sick, it’s a part of life, but man, it’s absolutely heart breaking and I would take it from them in a flat second if I could.  After a good dose of Motrin, she was outside playing.

We decided to go over to Meme and Poppy’s house to visit with them and Grand Poppy and Ann and have dinner.  Mia was doing so well until it was time for more medicine.  You can tell when it’s time for more because she starts getting lethargic and peaked in her eyes.

This girl was a happy camper though…

I gave her some more medicine and then after a couple of hours we headed home.  Once we got home I bathed her and she went to lay down in my bed and was requesting a “show.”  Within ten minutes, I go in to check on her and…

My poor sweet baby.

She ran a fever all night long and was miserable.  She was up until about 5am when daddy got home and then went back to sleep until noon. 
When she woke up she had a slight fever of 100.1.  I don’t like to jump the gun, but I would rather be safe than sorry, so we went to see Dr. Kim.


Long story short, it appears to just be a virus and my girl should be back to normal in a couple of days!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jam packed Sunday

Although daddy worked all night Saturday night and didn’t get home until 4:30 in the am, he still got up and went to church with us at 1030!  He was so exhausted I know, but I am glad that we got to spend the full ONE day of his weekend together.

We went to church, then to our ABF class.  After ABF we went over to Aunt Terri’s house to visit with them and Nana and Papaw and have some yummy spaghetti lunch!  Nana had bought Mia a little ring and she LOVED it.  She kept looking at her hand and saying “Like yours momma!  I’m a princess like you and married!”  Lord help me now! 

She fell asleep during the visit, and I am sure glad she did!  Little miss thang was getting cranky!
Snuggled up by mommy!

She is just so sweet when she sleeps ;)

Once she woke up from her almost 2 hour nap, we headed to our ABF friends house.  A sweet couple from our ABF class initiated a family ministry bible fellowship type thing that meets every Sunday evening. We start out with FOOD! and fellowship and then bible study.  It is super low key, especially since all of our children are there!  It is a great way to invest in each others lives, hold each other accountable and to just love on each other and DO life with each other.  We are each on different, yet challenging roads, so it is nice to have Godly friends to talk with and give and get Godly advice!  We are so grateful for these people!!

All of the sweet babies…
One sweet little man not pictured.  From left: McKemie, Finley, Mia, Penny, Adele and Gracie!

Adele and Mia watching Beauty and the Beast.  Overheard their convo: Both talking to each other about princess Belle and they were going to dance and kiss and get married :)

Mia is SUPER into princesses and getting married right now!  She looks through our wedding pictures and says “Momma, you’re a princess and you married daddy and kissed daddy and danced with daddy!”

After that full day, we all came home and snuggled in bed with a movie.  Or a partial movie.  I’m pretty sure we were all asleep by 930!

Such a super fun, jam packed Sunday!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Future first boyfriend

To my sweet, precious girls,

One day will come when you get your first boyfriend.  The one who you swoon over.  The one who is SO cute and so smart and popular and oh so perfect!  The day will come when all of the “I love you momma” goes to “I love so and so.”  You will want to be with him every.waking.second and it will break your momma’s heart, just like I did my momma.  And although I would keep you all to myself for your whole entire life, such is life, and you will fall in love.


You are absolutely PERFECT in my eyes.  Please don’t sell yourself short.  Hold you standards high.  Be the girl who is so in love with Jesus that the boy has to seek Him in order to find you.  Respect yourself and he will respect you.  Save yourself, for marriage.  It is a command from God, and I promise it will be worth it.  Spend time with him, but don’t forget your family and friends.  Don’t be alone with him or put yourself in any situation where you would feel tempted to do something you know in your heart is wrong.  Dress classy, not trashy.  Take him to church with you.  Pray together.  Be kind to his family and friends.  God and school comes first.  If he is a respectable young man, he will understand and wait for you.  Don’t go for looks alone, those change and fade.  Give grace.  Love like Jesus does.


These all sound like things I would tell you of the man you were going to marry, and that is exactly why I am saying this.  Your daddy was my first real boyfriend and I was head over heels for him and knew I wanted to be with him, all of the time, forever. Do you think my mom and dad thought I would marry my boyfriend I had at 15?!

This seems like serious business, because it is.  Of course I want you to have fun and enjoy the process, but always remember, this could be your future husband.  If you don’t see it going there, move on.  Don’t waste your time.  Find you, first.

You girls are so incredibly loved.  I only want the very very best for you, and I expect nothing less from the man you may potentially marry.
I love you so much it hurts.
Only God could love you more.

A shower for baby Avery

Saturday, Mom, the girls and I drove up to Georgetown for a baby shower for my oldest bestie Amanda and baby Avery.  It was a super fun little girls trip and Avery is such a loved and blessed little man.  I am so thankful to get to be a part of this special time in Amanda and Jarrett’s life.  Avery has been wanted and waited for, for a long time now!  Can’t wait to meet him and kiss his sweet face :)

The youngest member of the Huff family, ready to celebrate Avery!

Me and Amanda!

After the shower, we met daddy out for lunch in Georgetown before he had to go to work.  We have to squeeze in whatever little time we have because he is working so much.  We sure are missing him :(
That girl loves her some daddy time :)

Avery William, you are one extremely loved little man!  We can’t wait to meet you and watch you grow!

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Interview

Now that Mia is 4, I wanted to interview her again. I interviewed her the for the first time last August when she was a little over 3 years old.  I asked the same exact questions.

1. What is your name?   Mia.  Mia Huff.      
2. How old are you? Four
3. What is your favorite animal?  Tiger
4. Who is your best friend?  Isaac (a little boy in her preschool class)
5. What is your favorite movie?  Brave
6. What is your favorite book?  Dragons (I have NO idea where this whole dragon thing came from.)
7. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Get married.
8. What makes you happy?  Jumping on the trampoline and going shopping.
9. What makes you sad?  ::insert sad face, pretend crying::  Having the devil in my heart.
10. What is your favorite food?  Noodles
11. What is your favorite song?  Twinkle little star and the pirate song (I’m assuming from the Disney channel?)
12. What is your favorite game?  Playing outside and the park.
13. What is your favorite TV show? Sofia. (Sofia the first)
14. When is your birthday?  I’m four on my birthday.  ::starts singing happy birthday song::
15. What is your favorite color?  Pink

She still did not understand all of the questions, but is getting better!  I don’t even know where she came up with some of the stuff she said! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The day we brought her home

Today marked the 4 year anniversary of bringing our first baby home from her 17 day stay in the NICU.  I know I blog about this every year, but honestly, this day was better than her actual birth day.  Every year, I feel the need to celebrate her on this day.  Her NICU stay was so scary and every day was full of uncertainties, but my girl?  Is a survivor and a true fighter!  It was a rough first year, but every day was worth it.  she is nothing short of amazing.  I could fall to me knees and praise and thank God every day for allowing her to stay on earth with me, but it would never be enough.  We are truly blessed with this little lady in our lives.

My first lady who made life worth living…

The day we brought her home we went to Sapporo’s (sushi restaurant) to celebrate, so that is what has become tradition to do every year. So much fun and yummy food!

Getting a picture of her requires lots of bribery!

Thank you Lord for this special little girl!

Her sweet spirit and sayings

Lately I have been extra curious about how Mia interacts with her peers in school and how she behaves while in school.  I know how she acts with her girlfriends, but I have witnessed on 3 separate occasions her being ahem, a little aggressive, ahem toward others.  Twice while in a play place I saw her shove a little boy.  The second time a dad that witnessed it told me that the little boy was being mean to her and yelling at her and that she had had enough.  I definitely don’t want her being physical or fighting, but I DO want her to stand up for herself.  Momma won’t always be there to protect her.

When I dropped Mia off at school today, I asked Ms. Dabney how she was in school.  She told me that she did not have any problems with her and that she actually shared more than most of the older 4 year olds in her class.  However, her teacher also said that “Mia doesn’t take anything, either.”  Meaning crap, basically!  She stands up for herself, and I can’t be upset about that.  Her teacher continued telling me about how sweet Mia is with a little Down Syndrome boy in her class.  She said Mia is very sweet and gentle with him and always plays with him.  ::Insert warming heart::  I envy the complete and utter innocence of young children.  They see no color, disability, beliefs or political party.  Oh to be able to live through the eyes of children.


Some recent sayings/convos with Mia:

In the car. Mia:  “Mom, Finley wants to feed.”  Momma:  “Mia, can you feed her for me?”  Mia: “NO!  I don’t have big boobies, I only have little boobies!”  :)
Riding in the car, passing Target.  Mia:  “Ma, I wanna go shopping.”  Momma:  “Where do you want to go?”  Mia:  “At the mall.  I not want to go to Target.”  Momma: “Mia, we aren't’ going shopping today.”  Mia: “Mom!  You have money in you purse!”
Again, in the car.  Mia:  “Momma look.”  Momma: ::turns rearview mirror down to see in the back seat::  Mia:  “Ma, don’t move that mirror, turn around in your seat and look.”  Bossy much??

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So here’s the deal

I know this sounds morbid, but when I had all this blood in my urine CT scans kidney stones business, before I found out it was kidney stones, I was fearful of the “C” word.  I started getting all I’m not scared to die, I just don’t want to leave my girls.  They need their mom.  I want to watch them grow up and be there for them kind of anxious.  I was telling Dave that if anything happened to me, I wanted him to promise me that he would read them my blog.  I want them to see the memories we've made.  After talking with a good friend of mine, she told me how she had wrote her daughter all of these letters for big events through her life, just in case God forbid, something happen to her.  I thought this was a great idea because none of us know when our last day will be.  We think we are invincible and we will just be here, everyday, for our kids.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.


Therefore, I am going to start writing “letters” to my girls, just in case I am ever not physically present in their lives.  Again, God forbid, but no day is ever promised and there are things that I would want them to know and hear from their momma. Things that I was glad, am glad and looking forward to having my mom to talk to about.


These letters will be solely for my girls.  I haven’t even decided if I should post them or just leave them as drafts.  Do I write each girl their own letter of the same topic, or combine them?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ballpark, doctor and a play date

Yesterday one of the sweet high school girls from church asked me if I would come to watch her softball game.  The weather was great and being that I used to love playing softball, of course I went!  I was such a good game and those girls are really good!  Being that I went to a public school and this game was with Christian/private schools,there were a few things I was used to.  First, the fans of both teams sat on a little set of bleachers, together.  That was unheard of where I went.  Competition was a huge part of it when I played, even between the parents.  The other thing I LOVED, after the game, all of the girls, from both teams, together formed a circle, in the middle of the field, hand in hand and PRAYED!!  I thought that was so awesome, because win or lose, we are all still children of God and can all still get along and love each other despite our differences.


Take me out to the ball game…

Uncle B went with us and entertained Mia on the playground during the game!

This morning I started off with an ultrasound and x-ray of my kidneys to check on the stones. 

I then had to go straight to the urologist to see what the next plan of action was.  He said it appeared that I still had one stone, but since my symptoms have gotten better, it could also just be a calcification.  So we are going to check back with another US and x-ray in a month.  If my symptoms come back, we will go in and remove the stone, if not, we will just wait and watch.

After the appointment, my friend Aubrey needed me to keep her sweet little Gracie for a little bit while she worked.  I loved it because Gracie is such a sweet and super cuddly little thing.  Something I am totally not used to considering Mia was NEVER a cuddler!  We came home for a little bit, fed Gracie and Finley, put Gracie down for a nap and got Mia ready for our play date with Lori, Brinlee and Nadia.


After nap we met up with some fave girls for lunch and park play time!

I mean will you just look at those cheeks?!  And eyes and lips!!! So cute!

At the park with Brinlee and Nadia!


On the ride home I told Mia we were going to go home and take a nap/have quiet time.  She said “I don’t WANT to take a nap!  I’m NOT TIRED!!”
You’re right girlfriend, you are NOT tired.

Once we were up and in a better mood, Mia played with Sam and Finley played in her bumbo!

How cute is this baby???
And why on earth is she so big already?!