Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another one of THOSE posts

Yes, this will be another one of those posts.  You know, the one where I post a bunch a pics just to catch up on what we've been up too? Yeah, that kind.  I just feel like we are so go,go,go that I don’t have the time or energy to blog every night.  So here we go!



My favorite big girl trying to smile for the camera, but the flash on my phone is so bright she can’t keep her eyes open!  HAHA!!!


Mia had to have a hearing test done, unaided, in order to get into school.  We took her and she did great!  Like, so good that I thought someone had replaced MY Mia with another, abnormally well behaved Mia! HA!  She still has a minimal/mild hearing loss, which is what we expected, but she did so well that I thought she wouldn’t have any.  What do I know, I’m not an audiologist, just the kids mom.  :)  Although she is right on track with speech, having a hearing loss is a qualifier for getting into head start.  We are super excited about that because she LOVES school, and it will give her a break to do her own thing when the new baby comes!

Waiting patiently for her hearing test!



She did so well, in fact, that we took her to get an ice cream!

Strawberry milkshake for the lady :)



We then took her swimming and out to eat with Nana and Papaw!  But with no nap, this was her dinner…




And our dinner…

Yum!  Hot and sour soup with Hot tea at the best Chinese place around!!



On Saturday we went to Kingfish on the River for great Aunt Terri’s birthday, followed by visiting this little cutie…



Our friends from ABF just adopted this sweet girl 5 weeks ago.  She is such a sweetie and you can tell just how much joy and happiness she has already brought her mommy and daddy!


Sunday night, Mia spiked a 102.4 fever out of nowhere.  She was acting fine and had no other symptoms.  We had a playdate scheduled with Tiffani and Jase, but unfortunately had to cancel, because we didn’t want to expose him to whatever bug she had.  She kept her low grade fever for most of Monday, but by Monday night was completely back to normal and fever free.  I guess just a 24 hour bug?!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Swimming, BLT’s and Pipe cleaners

Yesterday we went swimming and Dave’s Aunt Terri’s house!  Mia is an absolute fish now that we have come back from vacation, plus it helps her sleep really, really well!!  Now that she wants to be left alone to swim around in her floaties, mommy got to just relax on the float!  Such a nice time!
After a couple of hours out in the heat with constant swimming really builds up an appetite.  We headed over to Meme and Poppy’s house and had AMAZING BLT’s.  Home grown tomatoes, bacon on the grill and crisp lettuce=best summer sandwich EVER!!


We finished up our night with some family Yahtzee and a card game!  Love our family :)
Today we just hung around the house, played with Pipe cleaners, made bracelets, etc.  You know me, I love lazy days :)


Week 14 with H2



I’m getting terribly lazy about this chalk board wall thing.  I wasn’t even going to do a post this week, because I feel like I’m still in vacation mode :)

Baby is approximately the size of a naval orange!
Symptoms:  Lessening fatigue AND nausea!  WAHOO!!!  The nausea is hit and miss.  Some days I feel great and have an appetite, and other days I have to lay around with Zofran and Phenergan.  But hey, I will take “every now and then” over every.single.day.all.day.long.  I have had a bout of sciatica, but is better for now.  Also, round ligament pain started this week.  Um, look at the pic, obviously I’m having round ligament pain!  HA! 
I would love to compare baby bump pics from this pregnancy to Mia’s but I didn’t start taking pics until I was 18 weeks with her, because I didn’t really have anything to show!  I’ll start that at 18 weeks :)
I still don’t crave anything.  Some days I will crave something, and the next day thinking of that same thing makes me dry heave.  HAHA!  Apparently the lack of appetite and nausea is NOT affecting the weight gain ;)
It is so nice to be feeling better!  I look forward to enjoying this second trimester!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vacation 2012 part 3

On this trip, we didn’t go to Disney, but we did go to SeaWorld!  It was so much fun!
Petting and feeding the sting rays.


Trying to touch a Dolphin!

The dolphins were by far my favorite part!

Waiting on the dolphin show with some popcorn!


Shamu show!

Our last day of vacation we spent at Cocoa Beach.  I am always so sad to leave the beach.  I am absolutely amazed by the ocean.  It’s just so hard to grasp it’s size and how small we really are.  I am intrigued. 
All my faves, at the same time, same place, together, on a beach.  Does it get any better than that?

Running to her meme!

My 3 favorite guys ever!

I had to have a (virgin) Pina Colada, to get the real vacation mode feeling!!  HA! 
Although I wouldn’t trade being pregnant, next vacation I go on, I will NOT be pregnant!  I couldn't have ANY of the fish sandwiches I wanted and definitely couldn’t have all of the fresh, raw tuna that I wanted, that everyone else was having!  And I had to stick with cooked oysters!  Who likes cooked food anymore?  Not me!  HA!

Oh vacation, why must you have to end??

Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation 2012 part 2

One day we just stayed at the condo by the pool.  It was such a great set up because, number one, we had the pool ALL TO OURSELVES, and second, there was tables and a grill around the pool.  So we stayed out there for hours, swimming, grilling and eating.  It was such a great day and the weather was perfect!  And girlfriend took some awesome naps!!
Mia grew so SO much in the swimming department on this trip. Before the vacation, she LOVED the water, but did NOT want me to let her go, even with floaties on.  This trip?  She didn’t want anyone to touch her, and she was jumping in the deep end and going completely under (with floaties, of course!)!!  She would just pop out from the water and crack up laughing!!  This whole vacation, I don’t think she EVER quit smiling.  And that?  Makes a momma so so happy!


The next day we decided to head to the Atlantic side to Cocoa Beach, and it was SO much better!  Less crowded, bigger waves, free public parking!

Just a girl and her daddy, walking the beach!  ::Insert heart melt::

How did she get so big?

Y’all?  I’m sorry, but I just think I have a stinking HOT husband!!

Oh yeah, me and this guy?  Celebrated 5 years of marriage this week!  I’m such a lucky girl!!  I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else!

Daddy and his girls!  Last family of 3 vacay!!

We had such a great time and made so many great memories!  I feel so fortunate to have gotten another family vacation with the ones I love!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vacation 2012 part 1

This past week we took our last beach vacation as a family of 3!  If we go anywhere next year, we will be toting around a 6 month old.  Cuh-ray-zee!!

Last Saturday we flew into Orlando and stayed at my Grandpa’s condo.  It was so nice and the pool was so clean, and there was NO ONE else at the pool when we were.  And the best part?  It was free!!  Thanks so so much Grand Poppy!!
On the airplane!  She did so good and loved it!!

Our first night was just relaxing, getting groceries for the week and eating dinner out at a local seafood restaurant.
Raw oysters anyone??  Everyone except me, because obvs.  However, I really wanted some!!

The next day we headed to Clearwater beach for the day and bought Mia some sand toys and this cute little hat!  Clearwater was not our favorite because it was crazy packed.  Mia had a great time though!


Lunch on the beach at Crabby’s!


Mom and Dad <3

Uncle B



To be continued…