Friday, April 16, 2010

My first post!

So, since this blog will mostly be about Mia, I guess you may like to know her history! I had a pretty traumatic pregnancy to begin with. Oh wait, it even started before then! I previously had a miscarriage, ON MY WEDDING DAY, I might add! They found that it was actually an "ectopic" pregnancy, which means the baby was trying to grow in the "tube" instead of in the uterus. This is very dangerous for the mother because her tube could rupture. So I had to get "methotrexate" which is a form of chemotherapy one time in order to dissolve the pregnancy completely. After all of that, it took Dave and I 1 year to get pregnant and 3 rounds of clomid! We finally got that positive test in August 2007!!!

At 18 weeks pregnant we found we were having a little GIRL!! We also found out that she had a "choroid plexus cyst" which is a cyst found on the brain. This cyst rarely means anything and resolves on it's own around 24 weeks gestation, however the cyst has been linked to trisomy 18 and Down Syndrome. At this point I am freaking out! The doctor decides to go ahead and put the cherry on top by informing us that my placenta was low lying. This in itself is a risk to the pregnancy because it could cause bleeding. So guess what, NO sex for at least 6 weeks!

We were told that we would need to have a follow up ultrasound at 24 weeks to make sure the cyst had resolved and to check the baby more "closely." We would also need to have a repeat ultrasound at 28 weeks to make sure the placenta had moved up.
The 24 week ultrasound went well. Cyst had resolved. The 28 week ultrasound, not so well. Placenta still low, NO sex still and baby is now measuring small! UGH! This requires lots of additional ultrasounds! Long story short, we have an album FULL of just US pics!
That brings me to her birthday! Labor went great. Delivery, great. Mia was born at 3:36 pm and weighed 5-13 and was 17 inches long. Yes, she was a peanut, but healthy, so far! After a couple short minutes with us, Mia was rushed to NICU for coughing up blood. They said she had a "pulmonary hemorrhage." This condition is very rare in a full term infant (1: 1,000,000) and is very dangerous. The neonatologist gave her a 20% survival rate, BUT they didn't know our LORD's plan for her life. After 4 days on the ventilator and 17 total days in the hospital Mia got to come home!  Against all odds Mia overcame her first obstacle in life and is here and healthy! PRAISE JESUS!

♥ Mia Camille ♥

My beautiful baby girl!

On her birthday!
So, with that being said, so sorry for such a long first post, but she had a long story! And this story is even cut WAY down! LOL

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