Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 10 with H2

Yes, I skipped week 9.  Because, um, everything is basically the same!




Apparently Mia doesn’t agree with the symptoms, because right before this picture was taken, she wiped her hand over them!  HA!

*See the belly?

What’s been going on….

I hate to blame this little person growing inside me, BUT, I absolutely have NO energy or motivation these days.  It takes all I have to get up off the couch and function with a 3 year old.  Therefore, the picture taking and blogging has taken a back seat.  I really hate that because there are so many things that happen and I try to *remember* to blog about, then end up forgetting!  I just keep telling myself, only a few weeks of this crazy wicked exhaustion left, then I should be back to normal.  Hopefully ;)


Any who, here are some pictures of what we’ve been up too…


Snacks on the deck…in our her undies!



Slip-n-slide with cousins, daddy and B!






Go Karts with Poppy, Daddy and B for Fathers Day!



And a little friendly competition in the batting cages!


And I have to give credit, Poppy smoked daddy at that activity!  HA!


We play outside A LOT!



And in daddy’s car pretending to drive is SO much fun :)



Mia has also taken a liking to cars.  So what does her daddy do?  Immediately go buy her some!



We stopped by Taco Bell one night and were waiting in the drive thru line and Dave asked Mia is she wanted a taco. She said “No, Strawberries in a cup!”  Huh?  We were confused until we looked up and saw this…


That silly girl!  I am so glad that she still chooses to eat healthy!


These have been my best friend lately…



Pretty growing girl!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week 8 with H2

Baby is the size of a raspberry this week!  Although I’m posting this late and am almost 9 weeks, we will pretend I’m on time! HA!

Symptoms:  The usual's.  Breast tenderness, SO tired, nauseous, AND?  My belly is already peeking out?!  Oh my word!  I’ve researched and been asking multiple people if they “showed” earlier with second babies, and everyone, including websites, said “YES” because those muscles are already stretched and relaxed.  Great news.


Again, I will take it ALL!  We feel very blessed and I am just trying to enjoy this pregnancy and not rush it like I did with Mia. 

I guess I will start taking “belly” progression pics at week 9 because of this whole showing-way-sooner-than-I-did-with-Mia thing!  HAHA

Sunday, June 10, 2012

In other news

Some more exciting news from the Huff house!
The Big sister has been using the potty for the past week. Even while we are “out and about.”  The only time she wears a diaper is at night (and to go #2, because that is touch and go!), and it is becoming more and more dry each night.  She is finally choosing to wear her big girl panties instead of her diaper.  I thought I would never see the day that she opted to go to the potty and wear “big girl panties!”
Patience is a virtue and God is continually teaching me about control.  You know, that fact that I don’t have ANY!  So thankful for a gracious and patient Teacher :)
My sweet big girl!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week 7 with H2

Baby is the size of a blueberry this week!

Symptoms: Exhaustion, breast tenderness and nausea.  Oh the nausea.  Appetite still finicky.  However, strangest thing:  White Castle cheeseburger with Dusseldorf mustard tasted YUMMY!!  Weird.

This week we had an ultrasound to “hear the heartbeat” and I was nervous.  When you wait for something for so long, you are just so scared that something will happen and it will slip out of your fingers. Although, this baby’s life is not in my control (or fingers) at.all.  I just have to keep reminding myself that God is in control.  This baby is HIS.  He is entrusting this baby to me to raise up to know Him and love Him, but it is NOT mine.  He knows what is best for this baby.  For us.  His will and His timing is PERFECT.

Long story short, we got to see our little developing shrimp and hear the sweet sweet sound of a good, strong heartbeat! 154 BPM!  Praise the Lord!

Week 6 with H2

H2 is the size of a sweet pea this week!


Symptoms: Exhaustion, breast tenderness and NAUSEA! Yes, the nausea has officially HIT!

It’s strange to me because nothing really sounds good to eat, but every now and then, something will come to my head that sounds decent, we will run up and get it, and then?  It tastes YUCKY! WTHeck taste buds?!  While I was pregnant with Mia, grilled chicken salad with ranch from Texas Roadhouse was my staple.  I had it about 4 times per week.  This time?  I think something will taste ok, but it doesn’t!

Also, this week started the whole “gagging-while-trying-to-take-my-prenatal” thing.  At this point I’m not even worried about the vitamin, just trying to force down the folic acid!  HA!


Otherwise, still feeling overjoyed and thankful for this pregnancy and the special little one developing inside me :)

Week 5 with H2

Everyday I am thankful to God for blessing me with another little one.  I know he is fearfully and wonderfully knitting this little one in my womb.  He already knows what he/she is, what he/she will look like and what personality H2 will have.  I am so thankful we serve such an almighty, all knowing, loving Father!


Symptoms:  Exhaustion, breast tenderness, bloating.

Size:  Baby is the size of an apple seed.


There was something a little “different” going on for a few days that concerned me.  I was having so lower, right sided, intermittent and but dull pain.  Since I work with my OB’s, I mentioned it to one of them, and with my history of ectopic pregnancy, they wanted me to get an ultrasound to make sure everything was where it should be. 

We got it scheduled for a few hours later (oh the perks of working with you OB and pediatrician! HA).  Turns out, our little “bubble” (the gestational sac and yolk sac) was perfectly positioned in the uterus, however the pain I was feeling was because of two moderately sized cysts on my right ovary.

See, I’m NOT crazy!  HAHA

Other than that, I am just trying to embrace this pregnancy and not try to rush it like I did with Mia!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May 17, 2012

This day was a life changer.

My breasts had been sore and I had been feeling tired.  All things signaling impending period.  I was on day 32 and still had not started so I decided I would take a test.  You know, to just go ahead and get the “negative” out of the way so I wouldn’t remain hopeful for no reason.

Dave wanted some lunch so I ran up to the Dollar store, grabbed some generic pregnancy tests and then stopped by Arbys.  Dave was outside working in the yard and was also unaware that I was stopping for preggo tests.  I pulled up in the garage and walked straight into the bathroom.  At this point it was midday and I didn’t even know if I had to pee or not!  I ripped open that test and dribbled a few little drops onto the test and put it on the floor. I wiped and looked down and the floor AND THERE IT WAS.  A BIG FAT POSITIVE.  Before the “test” line had even appeared! I immediately start crying and look up to God and thank Him endlessly. After 18 months of trying and almost to the point of giving up, WE ARE PREGNANT!!

I had always thought I would tell Dave in some cute, unique and special way, however, I COULD NOT contain my joy for ONE more second.  I walked straight outside, tears welling in my eyes and showed him the test.  He looked at it for a few seconds, looked up at me with a great big smile and said “NO WAY?!”  We were laughing and crying and hugging all while in complete and utter shock.  We were elated and could not wipe the cheesy grins off of our faces!

Unfortunately for me, the excitement didn’t last too long before the worrying began.  I’m such a buzz kill. 

We decided we would wait for a little bit before we told anyone, but I had to tell someone!  Dave thought it would be best to tell Ben first since he was the first to know when I was pregnant with Mia. I thought that was a great idea and I just knew how excited he would be!

It was Ben’s last day of school. I called him right as he was getting off the bus.  The first thing I said to him was “I have something to tell you, but you can’t tell anybody else.”  He instantly knew.  He said “OH MY GOSH ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!”  His reaction was priceless.

This day?  Was a great day!

The secret is OUT!

Mia has something to tell you...

After 18 long months of trying, God finally decided it was time to bless our family with another little one.  We are so blessed and SO SO thankful!

H2 is on the way!!!!!!!!!