Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day and sporadic thoughts....

This Father's Day was extra special to me because A. I've got to see my husband in the father role and to see the joy and love in his eyes AMAZE me.  B. My dad is the best dad in the world, BUT he is an even better Poppy to my baby girl!  I love these men so much!!  I've always been the "daddys little girl" and I don't think I will EVER outgrow that! 

My Dad

My dad is the greatest provider and protector.  When I feel in danger, scared or need advice, my dad is the first I go too.  He always knows how to protect me and make me feel safe, just by being in his presence.  I've always had the "everything is going to be ok because my dad is here" feeling with him.  He is my confidence when I need it, but not too much!  He knows just the way to motivate me to do my best.  He has a rough outer layer, but is a super softie on the inside!!  I think that when I got married, he kind of distanced himself from me because he has made room for another man, but he doesn't quite understand that I still need him just as much now as I did before.  A little girl may become a woman, but she will always be a little girl to her daddy!  I will never outgrow the feeling of "need" for my dad.
The best feeling ever is to see my dad interact with Mia.  Mia just lights up when she sees him and it melts my heart.  The two of them are two peas in a pod and I couldn't ask for a better Poppy for my girl!  Thank you dad for being the best we could ask for! 
I love him with all of my heart and admire his strength.  Dad, I love you more than you could EVER know!

Me and my daddy!

Mia and her Poppy!

My Husband

Dave is my BEST friend EVER!  He is such a patient, kind, caring, loving soul and I got so lucky when I snagged him!  He is a wonderful husband and an excellent daddy!  Ya know, when you become a momma, everything you watch and pay attention too revolves around your baby, so when I see my dad and husband interact with Mia, I am so grateful!  Dave is such a hard worker to provide for our family and he doesn't complain at all.  He is one of my favorite peeps! HA!  David Alan I love you more than anything in this world ::cough cough:: besides Mia:: cough cough::  HAHA!

Fathers Day lunch!

From Mia's sunday school class!


Mia has officially been off the bottle for one week.  Her last bottle was 6-14-10 and we quit cold turkey!

Mia is doing great in swim lessons, she puts her whole head under and LOVES it!

I bought Mia some Acai berry organic juice and she loves it!  Have you ever heard of this?  I've been doing some research on it and it is packed with nutrients and antioxidants!

Tonight Mia took 5-6 steps!! WAHOO!!  She does the best walking from me to her poppy!

All four molars are in!!

She can point to her ears, toes and belly.  She points to the light, fan, sky and dogs when directed too!

ummmm, I'm having a writers block...

OH, one last thought: I'm getting a new blog design and I'm pumped!!  Once that is installed, I'll be more motivated!

Wait, I just thought of something else:  Mia has a long sleeve phobia.  I put a long sleeve pj top and her and she started crying hysterically and pulling at the sleeves!  I had to change her to get her to calm down!

Mia and her Uncle B at the water park!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Wow!  I feel really horrible that I haven't blogged in a week...I'm slacking on the job!  So I'm gonna catch everyone up to speed....

I worked last Wednesday and Thursday and then Friday Mia got her ear tubes that I've been requesting.  I was very nervous about the surgery, just because I am a chronic worrier and neurotic freak.  Anesthesia SCARES me, especially with my baby.  Everyone kept telling me it was a very easy, quick procedure and I knew she needed it, so I went with it.  Afterall, I have been insisting on getting them.  So Friday we arrive at 630 am and the preregistration is what took the longest.  They took her back at 730 and we were back in the recovery room holding her at 742!  The doctor actually came out and talked to us at 738 to tell us she did great!  So it was literally an 8 minute procedure!  In recovery Mia was UNconsolable.  They said that was very normal, but NOT to a momma.  All I wanted was to "fix" her and take away any discomfort she had.  The crying thankfully was very short lived (30 minutes tops) and then we headed home.  She had a two hour nap and woke up completely normal!!  Later that day she even took 2 steps to her Poppy :)  I know every child is different, I'm just so ready for her to walk and so is she, she is just a chicken! HAHA!
Once I knew everything was all good, I worked all day Saturday and Sunday. UGH.  I did get to work with some good friends, which made it completely tolerable!!
Monday: Adjustment time!  I go to a chiropractor and LOVE him!  Dave, Mia and I all go!!  During the adjustment, Dr. T suggested a workout for Dave and I at the gym.  Ok, sounded easy enough and he said it would only take about 10 minutes!  Even better....
One heart attack and 3 dry heaves later, we were done!  That workout was HARDCORE!  But I LOVE IT!  I'm trying to work really hard to get my momma body back to pre baby body, or as close to it as I can.  It takes lots of work and dedication, and some days are better than others on the motivation scale.  I do have the BEST support though!  My husband who used to be a personal trainer and my boo, who is my motivation!  If anyone wants to check the workout out, it's called cross fit.  I'm also on a 1700 calorie diet, which completely SUCKS, but I have to stay strong.  If anyone knows me, I LOVE to eat.  I take joy in it.  It is one of my favorite past times.  That has got to stop.  I'll update you on that progress....
This morning, I got up and went to the gym again!  WAHOO!!  ::Good food thoughts:: I'm gonna eat good today, I'm gonna make good choices.  I think I need to go to food lovers anonymous meetings!
Later today we are going to do a little shopping and then swimming lessons tonight!  Mia loves to swim!  She does sooo good and doesn't mind the water on her head and face!  She's my little mermaid!! HA!
This blog was kinda random, but I had to catch up and you know my mind is OUT THERE!!
Love you guys... 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Strawberry picking and 14 months!

Yesterday the weather was so nice, at the last minute we all (Dave, mom, dad, ben, mia and I) all decided to go to a local family farm to pick strawberries!  Weve been before but Mia was way to young to understand.  This time she actually got to participate and she LOVED it!!
put them in the box mia...
Mia and her Poppy!
Yes, she actually picked them off the vine herself!

It's like she knew what to do, pick em and eat em :)

Mia and Meme

We had a great family day at the farm, even Dave's grandma got to join us!!

**********14 months old!***********

So tomorrow, June 8, you will be FOURteen months old!  WOW!!  Time really flies!  So here are some updates for my baby girl:

*You have 8 teeth all the way in, 2 top molars that have broke the surface and your bottom 2 molars are SO close!  I'm sure that is why you have been so fussy-along with the ear infections :(

*You still won't walk-but you cruise a lot (walk while holding on) and crawl VERY fast!!  We think it's because of the fluid on your ears causing you to be a little dizzy!  HOWEVER, you took 3 steps from mommy to daddy on 6-5-10!  You are oh so close!

*You can show me where your EAR is, AND toes!!

*You know where the fan and lights are.  When we say them, you look up and point!

*You LOVE outside!  You always go to Poppy and point to outside because you know he will take you there!  You have him SO trained!

*You eat just about everything we put in front of you, but some of your favorites are: bananas, nutrigrain bars and macaroni.  You love lots more, but these are your FAVE!!

*You are a water baby!  If there is water you want in it!  You splash and kick and even dip your face in it!

*You will NOT leave your bows in or your shoes on!  All the pics I have of bows are slipped in fast, while I distract you! HAHA

*You still sleep by me, in your pack n play.  Generally you wake up in the middle of the night because you know you are by yourself and I put you in bed with me.  You sleep by me because I was terrified to have you in your own room on the other side of the house.  One bad habit lead to another bad habit and here we are!  Thats ok because you will only be little once and I love to cuddle with you!

*You are obsessed with Elmo and Mr.Noodle!  You smile and wave to them on tv every time!

*You are a social butterfly, waving and smiling at everybody, especially little kids!

*You now throw terrible fits if you don't get your way.  These fits include, but are not limited too: throwing yourself backward, stomping your feet, swinging your hands, shaking your head and yelling all at the same time.  I find it kind of embarrasing but people keep saying you will grow out of it...

*You love your "dog dog"s and give them kisses!  They love you too!

*You go to bed anywhere between 8:30-9:30; you wake up usually right at 7:30.

*I take you to a chiropractor for adjustments.

*You love to MOCK people, either what they say or the faces they make.

*You are extremely hard headed and strong willed.  You know what you want!

*When music comes on, you love to dance and clap!

*You don't really have a favorite toy, you just like everything your not supposed to have!

*Your favorite sleeping position is on your belly

*Your favorite song is the ABC's and usually always quiet down if you hear it.

*You like to brush your OWN teeth, after mommy does it!

*You are SO over having your picture taken that when you see the camera come out, you immediately ignore me trying to get your attention and will NOT smile.  Most of the pics I get are because I was sneaky!

*You have had 4 ear infections, but the fluid has remained on your ears, which is why we are getting tubes placed on Friday 6-11-10.

*When we go through the drivethrough-YOU KNOW and start getting mad because you want something!  We always have to get you a little something.

Ok well, thats all I can think of right now off the top of my head.  If there is anything else I can think of, I will update!  I love you Mia Camille!

Mommy ♥ 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Huff News

Today, after we ran around trying to cancel our t-mobile service and sign up for AT&T, it was time for swim lessons!  May I just mention that Mia wasn't quite feeling 100%, but I thought she would be ok and love to go swim...I was wrong!  We RUSHED to swim lessons, changed clothes, she cried and then a kid puked in the pool and our lesson got cancelled after just 15 minutes in the water!  I guess it was a good thing because she was just not feeling it!

pretty girl!

So lets see, then in the middle of the night, she woke up again with a 102.0 fever!  UGH!  After being on a couple of days worth of antibiotics, she should NOT still be running this fever.  I headed to work and called the doctors office once they opened.  Of course they advised me to bring her in.  I left work early to go to the dr.  They said her ears looked horrible and her throat was red.  They decided to draw a CBC on her, which made me nervous.  When the NP came back in, she said that Mia's WBC were low (for all my fellow nurses 2.7!!) and her hemoglobin was only 10.9 and even her platelets were low.  For every one who personally knows me, knows I am a HUGE pessimist, worryer, hypochondriac, etc.  So I immediately start running through all of the bad, life threatening diseases and illnesses and instantly had a rush of warmth come over me and terrible nausea.  The NP told be it looked like a NASTY virus, which can do that to the CBC and to bring her back the next day for a repeat CBC.  All night that night I was curled up in a little ball just WORRYING, terribly.  I just could NOT imagine my life without my girl!  I know God would never give me more than I could handle, but PLEASE Lord, don't put me to the test!  Anywho, to make a long story short, the next day her numbers came back up except for her platelets.  Platelets take about 72hrs to regenerate, so maybe thats why AND ibuprofen lowers your platelets anyway, and that is what she had been getting, religiously throughout this infection.  So we will have to go back next week to have her labs redrawn again.  Please pray that all of her levels go back to normal and she will be back to her normal self!

*Oh, did I tell you that I called the pediatrician about tubes??  They said to me that insurance usually has to have so many documented visits with ear infections/fluid on ears, etc. before they would pay for tubes.  OK, I don't give two cents about what insurance wants, this is MY child and this is for HER health and well being.  So I told them I really didn't want to wait until her 15 month appt before we do something about this ear problem.  To me, fluid on your ears is bad for hearing, speech, equilibrium, walking, etc.  The doctor called back and basically said "well this is who we refer and here is his number if you want to call them" UMM, thanks A LOT!  I decided to call this Ear, Nose and Throat doctor to get her seen.  I CAN'T wait, she CAN'T wait...momma trumps doctor in this situation and momma's instincts are calling. *

So today we decided to take Mia swimming at her cousin Landon's house.  Landon is 9 days younger than Mia, they are so cute together!  Mia still wasn't completely back to normal, but she still did a little bit of swimming!  After that we had an appt with the ENT specialist.  He looked in her ears and immediately said there was definitely fluid still on her ears and that if it had been there that long, it most likely wasn't going to go anywhere, so he recommended TUBES!!!!!!  He said that infections and fluid can cause hearing damage/loss and definitely mess with equilibrium and balance.  He didn't want us to WAIT any longer, so we are getting tubes NEXT FRIDAY!!  FINALLY, somebody listened to the momma!!  Please pray for her to have a short safe surgery that leads to less ear infections!!
BTW, I've now switched pediatricians!  I can't stand people not being proactive for my baby.  I want someone to take me seriously and not make my baby feel like just a number.  I'm excited about this change!
Now we are sitting at home and Mia is standing and has taken a step!!  JUST one, but multiple different times!!  Hopefully she will just take off after this surgery!!

Um, ok so that's it for now!  Anybody else have experience with ear tubes??