Monday, June 6, 2011

Water baby, say what?!

We had such a great and busy weekend AND Monday!  Dave was off on Friday so we just hung out at home and ordered takeout!  I love days like that!

Saturday we had Mia in some track!  I got her all dressed up for the race to find out she couldn't run because the wouldn't let the parents run with her.  That's OK, she looked cute in her little Under Armour anyway!  We also did some landscaping, and my family came over and my dad helped Dave put together Mia's new swing set!  We ordered some food and spent time together and then Dave and I did MORE landscaping until MIDNIGHT!  But, it's all done and looks awesome!

Sunday we went to church, Whole Foods for Mia's groceries, then came home and had our good friends Pam, Damon and Liam over for a little cookout!  The kiddos loved Mia's little baby pool!  Y'all?  My child LOVES water.  No.  She is obsessed with water.  She loves to pour water over her head, get sprayed with the hose (even in the face) and splash in the pool!

We grilled out hamburgers and corn, had sweet potatoes, mac n cheese and green beans.  For dessert, we had smores.  Roasted the marshmallows.  On. The. Grill.  Yeah, were redneck like that!  HA!

It was so sweet because Mia kept waving to Liam and saying "Hiiiiiiiii, whats up?" and then pet him on the head!  Haha!  If he would cry, she would say "It's ok!"  Such a sweet girl!

Today we went to the zoo with our friends Toni and Dave and their handsome little man Grant.  AGAIN, we played mostly in the water!

Ha!  Waiting for the water to come up and splash her!

Silly girl!

More water...

Have a great week!