Thursday, August 30, 2012

It’s A…..







Baby GIRL!!!!!!



And we couldn’t be more happy and blessed!  All thanks and praise to God for our second little princess!


“For this child I prayed; and the Lord has given me my petition which I asked of him.” 1 Samuel 1:27 KJV

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sam I am

So yeah, this cutie is our new addition to our family!



This is Sam.  Mia and Dave picked the name for this sweet girl. Mia first wanted Tico, which by the way, I have no idea where her obsession with the name Tico has come from!!  After Dave suggested Sam (after the German Shepherd in “I am Legend”), Mia loved it too!


We have been thinking for months about getting a dog.  Dave wanted one that was good with kids and super protective.  We did our research and a German Shepherd was exactly what we were looking for.  I feel cuckoo for getting a puppy 5 months before having a newborn, but this way we can get her trained and she can grow up with the kids.  I have heard nothing but good things (except the shedding!) about these dogs, so I am excited about this new adventure!


Sam and Mia?  Already partners in crime!  They love each other!  I can’t wait to see them all three playing together :)


Sam I am…


Sam at 9 1/2 weeks.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

All about Mia

This girl?  Rocks my world!  She is just getting way too big, way too fast!

I did one of those Pinterest interviews and here are her answers:
1. What is your name?  Tico.      
2. What is your real name?  Me Huff
3. How old are you? Free
4. What is your favorite animal?  Lion
5. Who is your best friend?  Charlie
6. What is your favorite movie?  Beauty Beast
7. What is your favorite book?  Jesus
8. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Ballerina
9. What makes you happy?  Going outside
10. What makes you sad?  ::insert sad face, pretend crying::
11. What is your favorite food?  Noodles
12. What is your favorite song?  Twinkle little star
13. What is your favorite game?  Toys
14. What is your favorite TV show? Mickey
15. When is your birthday?  Birthday cake
16. What is your favorite color?  Green
Although I disagree with some of her answers, she actually understood more questions than I thought she would!


Some Mia-isms
*We have some friends who adopted a sweet little African American baby.  When we went to eat lunch with them, Mia was being so sweet to the baby and yet so serious.  She looked up at me and said “Momma, baby got brown on it.”  Oh my word.  I didn’t know what to say, but honestly?  She was just being observant and making a statement! She knows nothing about “race” and is so innocent, it just kind of took me back for a second and made a wonderful teaching opportunity!! You never know what will come out of her mouth! HA
*I asked Mia where her blankie was and she said “in my room.”  I confirmed by saying “in your room?”  She said “Sactly” (exactly!)  DUH mom!
*While at the fair, Mia got a little duck and was playing when a little (about 6) boy tried smacking it out of her hands.  She quickly grabbed it and said “Don’t touch Mia’s duck!”  Although probably not the “polite” thing to do, I don’t think I will have to worry about her taking up for herself :)
*She is seriously into Beauty and the Beast right now, especially towards the end of the movie when they are dancing.  She is constantly saying “Dad, kiss mommas mouth!” or “Mom, hold daddy’s hand!”  and then proceeds to giggle when we do!  I’m worried about the age(s) 13-indefinitely!  HAHA


Loves right now:
*Girlfriend loves to be naked.  All.The.Time.
*Constantly “twirling” like a ballerina
*Loves tumbling, flipping, rolling.  Gymnastics or dance is calling her name!
*Bath time
*Having her back tickled

She is such an amazing 3 year old and I am so SO thankful to God for blessing me with her.  I wouldn’t trade her for the world ;)

Monday, August 20, 2012

18 weeks with H2

I seriously can not believe I am already 18 weeks!  This pregnancy is flying by.  I suppose it is because I don’t have time to just sit and think about being pregnant like I did with Mia, and now I have a very busy 3 year to keep me on my toes and doing other things.  This pregnancy needs to slow WAY down. 
I am finally feeling good. Like got-most-of-my-energy-back-with-little-nausea-and-feeling-slightly-cute good. 
I have been feeling intermittent flutters from about 15 1/2 weeks.  It is getting more and more constant, but nothing consistent.  This is my absolute favorite part of pregnancy!
And?  We get to find out what gender this little sweetie is in a little less than 2 weeks!!!!

18 weeks with Mia and H2
What do you think??  Same belly?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

State Fair 2012

We spent this whole weekend at the fair!  Saturday with Dave’s side of the family and today with mine!  We LOVE the fair, especially the food.  This year was the first year I actually let my child experience “fair food.”  I used to pack a lunch bag full of all her healthy snacks while we all pigged out on fair deliciousness, but this year I decided she could join in on the fun!  She eats so healthy every other day, so I didn’t feel bad!  And?  She proved her belonging-ness to this family.  Meaning, she is not picky AT ALL!
This kid is also a thrill seeker!  She got on the fastest rides that a 38inch kid could get on and loved every minute!  Kind of funny considering she won’t go down the slide by herself! HA!

Turkey leg anyone??  We got it to go since we were so full from everything else!

Face painting!  She wanted a shark painted on her face, but I had to convince her otherwise ;)
Half way done…

All done!  This was her first look at herself in the mirror and she was NOT impressed!  HAHA :)

My beautiful baby girl!

Now on to detox from that food! HA

Friday, August 10, 2012

A day at the park

Mia had her cousin Jazzlynn over to spend the night last night, and since it was such a beautiful day today, we decided to go to the park! 

Going down the slide by herself, slowly but surely :)



Their favorite part was skipping throwing rocks in the creek…



Daddy and Poppy were like little boys again, skipping rocks!  Me, meme and Ben, on the other hand, have zero athleticism, so we were just the butt of the jokes! HA!



The little girls may have done just as well as us :)



The get-the-camera-out-of-my-face mean mugs…



My beauty :)



Poppy caught a baby snake!



Mia and her favorite “wrastlin” partner :)



I think it’s funny how Jazz looks more like me than my own child!  HAHA




Such a fun day…


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mia’s big girl room, sushi, and week 15

First of all, here is the 15 week belly that I got to lazy to post about…


We went to check up on little H2 and the heartbeat was a good strong 153!  I’m feeling much better, with just a little nausea left here and there.  Also, I felt the tiniest little flutter this week!  My absolute favorite part of being pregnant.  Loving feeling the life grow inside me!  So thankful to God for this tiny miracle, whom I haven’t met yet, but am already so in love with :)


We started on Mia’s big girl room this week.  My parents gave me all of my furniture that I had as a little girl, and it’s still in great shape!  It’s a queen size bed (fit for a princess of course!), a dresser, nightstand and NEW memory foam mattresses!! 

Dave started on sanding all the wood down, because I wanted her to have all white furniture, and dad and I painted her big girl room!  In her whole 3 years of life, she has never had a pink room, so I was gonna make that happen for her dainty little girly room! HA!



Work in progress!


I picked the lightest pink I could find, and man!  I am so glad I did because with the whole room being that color, it is VERY pink!!  Nana bought Mia’s actual bedding so we are just waiting for that to arrive for her complete room!  Pics to come when it’s all done!


Last weekend we went to eat with some friends and their little girl!


Before the meal!


Miss Addy!  It was so dark in there and then the flash made the picture WAY to bright!  But, she is still a doll baby :)


Mia got so jealous of me taking her pictures that we had to take some more pics.  This girl usually runs from the camera, but when I was taking someone else's picture, she all of a sudden wanted to take pictures!  Oh my that girl!



Thanks Dana and Brandon for a fun evening!