Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lets get trained

So we dropped Sammy off today, about an hour away from the house, to be boarded and trained for the next month.  To say that I am sad, is an understatement.  In the grand scheme of things, 1 month is such a short period of time, and this needs to be done.

Although she is super amazing with us and the girls, she despises doesn’t like anyone else.  With the exception of my parents and Ben, and us, of course.  She barks ferociously at other people, tries to bite anyone/anything that comes near us and she always feels that everything is a threat to her and her people.


I don’t know about you, but I like to have people over.  I like to have friends.  Sammy doesn’t exactly agree.  And I hate putting her out every time someone comes over, so it was time that we get her behavior under control.  I hope and pray that she learns what is a true threat and what is not.  I don’t want her to not bark at anyone, just to know when is the appropriate time.

I love the fact that she will not let anything happen to me or my girls, but I also don’t want any kind of unwarranted bites.  NO ONE, will walk in this house, good or bad.  I love it and I don’t.


Anyway, the point is, we are taking appropriate measures to make sure we are all safe and that she is trained correctly. But? We miss her like crazy. 

One short month fur baby!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FIVE things about ME

Just because everyone is doing it. 
Let’s see.

1.  I have started watching the Parenthood seasons, and I am officially dreading the teenage years.  At the end of season 1, I called Dave crying and said “I can’t do this.  I can’t raise teenagers.  I can’t keep watching this show.  I JUST CAN’T!”  God Bless my husband.   I then went in and snuggled my big girl, who I just made go to her own bed, although she was crying “Mommy, I wanna HOLD YOU!”  They won’t want to cuddle you forever.  They won’t pick you weeds, or ahem, flowers, each time they go outside.  They won’t want you to “hold you in your shoulder” (as Mia says when she wants me to hold her).  They won’t get so excited to go somewhere with you and spend time with you.  They won’t think it’s the bomb diggity to go shopping with you or go eat lunch with you.  I just went off on a tangent.

2.  I am a self proclaimed control freak.  I am trying to let it go but MAN!  It’s hard.  I want to make all of the decisions for my family because of course, I think I am the only right one.  Of course that is not true, but that is my brain.  I hate it.  I may actually be a little LESS stressed if I would completely give some of these decisions to my husband.  Even though, some of the things I obsess about, like what we are going to wear for pictures, are not worth a decision to my husband.  Breathe in, breathe out.

3.  I am a wannabe photographer.  I see some peoples pictures and think “how hard could it be?”  I shoot and FAIL.  I have the fancy camera and editing program and the CUTEST subjects, but I just can’t GET it.  It’s frustrating.  And I’m jealous of others talents.  I don’t even want to do it for money, just for myself, and I still feel totally inadequate.
4. I would work more hours if I had to, to hire a maid.  It is totally worth the money.  I am not a good house wife.  Not good at cooking (Pinterest has helped, when I actually cook) and don’t LIKE to clean.  I can clean like nobody’s business.  It’s just getting the motivation to do it.  It is especially hard with a 6 month old who constantly needs my attention and a 4 year old who is constantly going behind me, remaking the mess I just picked up.  Then I just give up.  But then on the other hand, contrary to the first sentence, I don’t want to work MORE, because that takes time away from my babies.  See where I’m going with this.  Totally conflicted.  I wish I was June Cleaver. 

5.  I am so green.  Green as in my personality type.  We had to take this test in the beginning of nursing school.  I had some of each color type (which most people do), but was mostly green, followed by red. I fit into many of the descriptions.  We have a problem with being overly cautious and over analytical.  Very skeptical of peoples motives.  Pessimistic.  Introverted.  Would rather be right than rich (absurd but true).  We are also very accurate, dependable and organized.  My husband would beg to differ on organization, esp. of the house, but if you could see me work.  So organized.  Those don’t sound like super fun traits, but I promise once you know me, I am ;)  Ask my BLUE husband!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Can I just talk about Mia for a minute?

So this first born child of mine.  She is a hoot.  And her imagination is running rampant.  She is hilarious.  She makes Finley belly laugh and her momma and daddy look at each other, shake our heads and crack up laughing on a daily basis.

We went for our typical family walk the other day and Mia stops.  Dead in her tracks.  Bends down, looks at this less than dime sized hole in the asphalt, cups her hands together (as if something is in them) and says “Look momma, it’s a giraffe!!!”  She proceeded to hold her arms out and say “look mom, the giraffe is crawling up my arms!”  We engaged and encouraged.
 I totally don’t know if you are supposed to do that, but she is 4 and it is super cute.

We walked past a corn field and she let her giraffe down to go get something to eat and then held out her hands (for the giraffe to come back to her) and said (to her said giraffe) “Good job!  C’mon.”

This continued for most of the walk.

Also, I don’t think I will ever get tired of her picking me weeds flowers through the whole walk and saying “Here momma, I picked this for you!”  I will gladly accept flowers from my sweet girl!

Oh, and the storytelling? Amazing.  I have NO idea what she is talking about most of the time, but she tells some elaborate stories. And she LOVES telling them.  She adds so much detail, it’s hysterical.

This girl has been a roller coaster ride for me and her daddy her whole life and we wouldn’t get off this ride for a million bucks.  Mia brings us so much joy, laughs, happiness and gray hairs and we are so honored to be her parents!

Monday, July 22, 2013

My bathing beauties

Finley has moved up in the bathing world!  She is now in the tub chair thingy. She seems to love it and now both girls get in together!






Mia at 7 mos., Finley 6 mos.  The more I compare their actual pictures, the more differences I see…
I think their noses are a bit different and Finley’s eyes are spaced a little farther apart.  Mia had more hair at this point as well, but she is a month older.  Hmmm…

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nadia’s b-day party and Date night!

This morning I woke up and decided to mash some banana for Finley for breakfast.  We’ve been doing a few bites of food every day, until she gets it.  The bananas were, OK.  We were all bouncing around the house, getting ready, cleaning up, etc.  Mia came in the kitchen and I went to the laundry room for  a quick second and came back out to see this…

Mia took over mommy duties, and did a GREAT job!  Finley went with it and ate for her big sis!!  The love between these two is amazing.  I hope and pray is stays this way, forever!

Today was Nadia’s 4th birthday!  Of course Mia was so excited to go, that is her BFF!!

These two a two peas in a pod!  They get along so well and just love being together!!

After the party, we headed back home because Nana and Aunt Terri were coming to get the girls so that we could have a painting DATE NIGHT!!  Although I missed my babies, we had a great time!

Meme, Poppy and Ben also went painting!


Before we even STARTED painting, Meme got paint on her back, then apparently leaned up against Pops and got paint on his brand new shirt!  Never, never, a dull moment!


The nice gentleman behind us offered to take our picture, and of course we got a classic photo bomb, by none other than my sweet, special baby brother.


Ben’s and mom’s painting.  Don’t let Ben fool you, he WON the blue painting.  He DID NOT paint that one.  And no, I will not let him claim it, either.  He’s standing there all proud, thinking he’s gonna own that one.  HA

All of the paintings.  Dave’s, mine, Ben’s, mom’s and dad’s.

We had a great time!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

A day with Avery

After our pool day, Dave, the girls and I all made a trip to Georgetown to visit Amanda, Jarrett and Avery.  Dave and Jarrett went out to Applesbee’s with some work friends and Amanda, the kiddos and I stayed home, ordered pizza, had a small photo shoot and just visited!  It was so much fun!

Although they only live an hour away, it makes it hard to see them as often as I would like.  So it was nice to see sweet Avery in person and get to cuddle him some!!

Mr. Avery wearing the same outfit his daddy came home from the hospital in…


He wasn’t very thrilled with the picture taking idea, but he’s still a cutie :)









What a blessing this sweet boy is.  Love him to pieces.

A few firsts

Today was a day of firsts.  Three of them, to be exact.

First, Finley has officially said “dadadada” and “nananana”!!!!!!  And although I know she doesn't know what they mean, she still said something, with syllables and not just cooing and grunting and screaming! HA!!

Secondly, we had another pool day today.  That’s not the “first” I’m speaking of.  By the end of the day, Mia was swimming WITHOUT floaties!!!!!  She would jump in the pool, pop back up to the top and swim over to the side or steps, without swimmies or help!!!  Of course I was standing right there the whole time, but, SHE DID IT!!!  Such a little water bug :)  Proud mommy.

Some pool pics…



And lastly, although not a huge deal, it is a milestone.  My tiniest baby is growing too fast.  Here is proof…


Why is she so big?  And cute??  GAHHH!!!
These two melt my heart.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Six month photos

Here are some 6 month photos of my little angel!







Finley as a newborn, and now as a six month old.  She has always been cute, but she keeps getting cuter and cuter as time goes by!

Love this baby with all my heart!!