Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today my sweet friend Dana and I took the girls out to a local indoor play place to let the littles burn off some energy and so we could have some mommy/friend time!  Mia needed some time out of the house, away from the little sis and just with momma.  Mia just adores Addy, and I adore her momma (and Addy too, of course!)

Before the play date.  Sister time! 

Sweet girls!

The smile I get when I ask her to “cheese” for the camera!  HA!

Sliding!  So much fun!

Milestones people. Milestones.  Conquering the slide (heights) all by herself!!!

Lunch time!

Successful play date, yes??

I’m not sure who had the better time, me or Mia!  I surely missed my little, but it’s so nice to spend some one on one time with my big!  And having a great friend with you isn’t so bad either ;)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just my *littlest* love

Just because she is so dang cute, like her big sis…

Catching flies like her daddy :)

Some of the sweetest kisses in the world…


My heart could rupture from the fullness that God has given me.  We are so incredibly blessed!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Around here

I’ve actually been getting out pretty frequently, now that I am feeling better and finally getting the hang of the two kid thing! 
We went to Target (imagine that!) to get Finley a little play mat.  I know she can’t play yet, but I wanted to give her something to look at, other than my face or boob, to occupy her time :)  However, when you have a big sister, I’m pretty sure you must be good at sharing!


Finley and her Pops taking a snooze…

Her favorite position

Lots of irritating love from Sammy…
Pretty certain Sam thinks that is HER baby.  I am constantly getting on one of the older girls to get out of Finley’s face.  Poor thing doesn’t stand a chance!

I can’t even stand the cuteness oozing from her…

Oh, and look, it’s another Target trip…
Can you even believe that is my MOM?  How young does she look??  I’m pretty excited that I have those genetics ;)

Well that was a jumbled post, but such is my brain.
C’est la vie.

Monday, February 25, 2013

A sushi date

Now that I can eat all the sushi I want (Praise the Lord!), Ben and I took the girls and went on a brother/sister date for our favorite food!!  We had so much fun and ate such great food!

Trying to get her to take a picture is like pulling teeth. Worse, actually.  Major bribery going on.

Mia in her element…

Our deliciousness…

I am so thankful that Ben and I have such a close relationship!  Love that little brother of mine ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A grocery date :)

My mom came over to watch the girls so Dave and I could go to the grocery.  Alone. 

I know it seems silly, but we were SO excited to have a little date day, even if it was just to the grocery!  We walked in with our arms around each other, instead of our arms wrangling children, talked and laughed and flirted ;)  I love my kids more than anything, but it’s nice to have some alone time with your spouse!  It’s the little things.

And I love it.  Love him.

The pictures to go with the post

So I’m a little late, but I was waiting on these monthly stickers to arrive!  So here are some of the pictures of Finley at one month…



Mom, seriously?  No more pictures please!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Breastfeeding diaries

I come out of the bathroom to this…


She said “I got to get milk out for Finley!”  Such a considerate, thoughtful little mommy :)  They really do pay attention to everything you do!

And just because she is so darn cute…

Monday, February 18, 2013

Finley is ONE month old!!

I know I say this A LOT, but TIME FLIES
Especially with the second child.
My mom has always told me that time flies, but time REALLY flies when you have children.  One of the truest statements I’ve ever heard.  I didn’t understand it until I had kids.  Mia’s life has flown by, but I remember feeling like her pregnancy took for-EVER.  I remember rushing through her infancy, always looking forward to the next mile stone.  I couldn’t wait for her to sit up, to crawl, walk, talk, etc.  And now she does all these things and I so badly miss her baby-hood.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE who she is now!  Her little personality is amazing.  I love watching her learn and grow, but I wish I could go back and just cherish every second.
I have learned my lesson.
With Finley, I am so much more…chill.  I am relishing in every day.  Every snuggle.  Every feeding.  I can wait for her mile stones.  Because they will get here fast enough.  Too fast, actually.  My baby is already ONE month old!  What in the world?!  How did that happen??


Finley Claire, you are an absolute perfect baby!  You are SO content.  Not a fussy baby, at all.  You love being on your tummy and are so patient with me during feedings.  You tolerate (I don’t want to say “love” because I don’t quite know) your baths without a tear.  You have started sleeping about 4-5 hours at a time through the night, and mommy thanks you :)

You are still in newborn diapers and mostly newborn clothes, but you can wear some 3 month sleepers.  The newborn outfits are getting a little short and snug.  You eat well, nurse for about 30 minutes, or take 3-4 ounces EBM ;)
Weight: 9-5.  75%
Length: 21 inches.  50-75%
Head: 14 3/4 in.  50-75%


Sunday, February 17, 2013

A glimpse into the teenage years…

We had Mia’s audiology appointment the other day to clean and adjust her “magic ears.”  I was observing how much my princess has grown and developed and how far she has come.  I also noticed just how grown up she looked.
I don’t know if it’s the outfit, the attitude or the look, but I got a serious glimpse of the teenage years…

And I don’t like it!  Where did my baby go?  I feel like I just delivered her, and in the blink of an eye, she looks so mature. 
Excuse me while I go cry.


Oh my word, can’t you see it now? Her on the phone, gossiping with friends about boys?? Good grief, I am in for it!!
Love that pretty baby!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sweetest Sisters <3

My girls make my momma heart melt.  They are so sweet and Mia just absolutely LOVES her little sister!  She is always wanting to help and take care of Finley.


Although I wouldn’t trade my little brother for the world, I would have loved to have a sister also.  I am so thankful that my girls will have each other and I hope and pray they are best friends as they grow up!




I am so blessed to have TWO healthy, beautiful baby girls!