Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mia’s big girl room, sushi, and week 15

First of all, here is the 15 week belly that I got to lazy to post about…


We went to check up on little H2 and the heartbeat was a good strong 153!  I’m feeling much better, with just a little nausea left here and there.  Also, I felt the tiniest little flutter this week!  My absolute favorite part of being pregnant.  Loving feeling the life grow inside me!  So thankful to God for this tiny miracle, whom I haven’t met yet, but am already so in love with :)


We started on Mia’s big girl room this week.  My parents gave me all of my furniture that I had as a little girl, and it’s still in great shape!  It’s a queen size bed (fit for a princess of course!), a dresser, nightstand and NEW memory foam mattresses!! 

Dave started on sanding all the wood down, because I wanted her to have all white furniture, and dad and I painted her big girl room!  In her whole 3 years of life, she has never had a pink room, so I was gonna make that happen for her dainty little girly room! HA!



Work in progress!


I picked the lightest pink I could find, and man!  I am so glad I did because with the whole room being that color, it is VERY pink!!  Nana bought Mia’s actual bedding so we are just waiting for that to arrive for her complete room!  Pics to come when it’s all done!


Last weekend we went to eat with some friends and their little girl!


Before the meal!


Miss Addy!  It was so dark in there and then the flash made the picture WAY to bright!  But, she is still a doll baby :)


Mia got so jealous of me taking her pictures that we had to take some more pics.  This girl usually runs from the camera, but when I was taking someone else's picture, she all of a sudden wanted to take pictures!  Oh my that girl!



Thanks Dana and Brandon for a fun evening!

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