Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cabin fever

Mia hasn’t had school all week.  I’ve not been feeling good.  So my kids have been suffering.  I feel terrible about the amount of TV they have been watching.  So, today, I pulled myself together and took Mia on a play date at All About Kids (kids gym) with Adele.  I got to have some nice conversation with Mindy and Mia got to run some of her built up energy out, AND, have some friend time!  Plus, I got to have some one on one time with my big girl. 
It was a WIN all the way around!

Although I still feel pretty crummy, I needed this memory-making time with my girl!

Mia and Adele!

Not only did Mia get to run like a crazy person, but she also conquered some fears!  She would never do this before…


So thankful for this time with my firstborn love, the one who made me mommy.

Now, if this weather would get it together, give me some sunshine and get a little warmer, that’d be great ;)

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