Saturday, March 8, 2014

One tough little cookie

Little sister has officially cut both top front teeth (top right at the beginning of 13 months, and top left at the end of 13 months) and she has been a fussy, snotty, coughing mess.  I’m not sure if it is all teeth related or if she has some sort of allergies or cold along with it.
By the way, the Nose Frieda rocks my socks.
Last night, Mia came home from spending the day with Nana and Papaw saying her throat was “red”, aka sore!  However, she was acting completely normal.  We played and visited with Nana and Papaw and Meme and Poppy and then went to bed like normal.
Miss Finley was up.all.night.  Crying.  At one point I laid in the hallway on the floor, right outside her door, because she was waking and crying so frequently.  We were exhausted, to say the least.  So, this morning, I decided to call the pediatrician and get Finley seen.  I was thinking a possible ear infection, with all the snot in her head!  I decided to go ahead and have the ped look at Mia also, since we were already gonna be there and her throat was sore.
Long story short, Finley has nothing (but allergies) and Mia HAD STREP!!!
She was acting like nothing was wrong!  Eating, drinking, playing, being her SASSY self.  I am amazed by that tough little girl!


She even insisted that we go to the park and play!  So of course, we did!


Finley is definitely my sweet, sensitive Suzy and Mia is my tough little firecracker!  These girls are total opposites and I love each of them SO much, in their own special way!

Then we came home and daddy made him and Mia a milkshake to share, with separate straws :)


Easiest sickness to date ;)

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