Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The day we’ve been waiting on ALL WINTER

We reached the high 70’s today!  After this horrible winter, we have been SO looking forward to the sun and the warmth. 
This morning we got up and got ready, I took Mia to school, and Finley and I headed to the zoo with friends!

This girl.  Always by my side.  Even when getting ready or in the shower…

Her face looks pitiful.  I swear she knows when I’m getting ready to leave.

My girl couldn’t hang at the zoo.  So sleepy but so good!

We then came home and we for a walk with Mia, Sammy and daddy!



After daddy went to work, the girls and I went to Meme and Poppy’s to hang out and Poppy grilled out!!

Out on the swing..

Oh this day was SO needed.
This weather and season is good for my soul!

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