Friday, October 24, 2014

Boo at the Zoo

I think I've made myself pretty clear in the past that I'm not a huge fan of Halloween.  But, Dave likes it and I can't deny them opportunity to dress up and trick or treat.  At least a few times.  But, I refuse to spend lots of money on costumes ;)

Any way, since Mia is really into Wizard of Oz right now, she obviously wanted to be Dorothy.  And she could totally pull it off.  Finley?  A cute little monster!!

Who knew Dorothy has so much sass?!

I feel like I did a pretty good job in the whole "kid making" department ;) LOL

How cute is this little monster?!

Dorothy, with Dorothy and the WoO cast!

Dorothy and Tinkerbell

Oh my little minion...

YAY, Cinderella!

She was so excited to see Olaf and gave him the biggest hug!

Toward the end of the night, she was exhausted and tired of smiling, but she still got to see Elsa and Anna!

We had a blast with our favorites!

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