Sunday, October 5, 2014

Last day of chemo, EVER!!!!!!!!

Y'all?!  My boy had his final week/day of his chemo regimen today!!!!  He has come so far and conquered SO much and I am SO proud!  From 5 rounds of five days of straight poison running through his blood, to an extensive 9 hour surgery, he handled it all like a champion, but that's not a surprise at all.  The bone with the tumor that was removed from surgery came back 100% DEAD.


I am so thankful for this strong, courageous man.  Love him more than life!!

While it was not fun while it lasted, hope to NEVER see any of those people again!  At least not in the same situation :)

A very well deserved treat!!

Mexican food and a tall beverage for the celebration!!

Praising the Lord for miracles!!!

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