Friday, June 4, 2010

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Today, after we ran around trying to cancel our t-mobile service and sign up for AT&T, it was time for swim lessons!  May I just mention that Mia wasn't quite feeling 100%, but I thought she would be ok and love to go swim...I was wrong!  We RUSHED to swim lessons, changed clothes, she cried and then a kid puked in the pool and our lesson got cancelled after just 15 minutes in the water!  I guess it was a good thing because she was just not feeling it!

pretty girl!

So lets see, then in the middle of the night, she woke up again with a 102.0 fever!  UGH!  After being on a couple of days worth of antibiotics, she should NOT still be running this fever.  I headed to work and called the doctors office once they opened.  Of course they advised me to bring her in.  I left work early to go to the dr.  They said her ears looked horrible and her throat was red.  They decided to draw a CBC on her, which made me nervous.  When the NP came back in, she said that Mia's WBC were low (for all my fellow nurses 2.7!!) and her hemoglobin was only 10.9 and even her platelets were low.  For every one who personally knows me, knows I am a HUGE pessimist, worryer, hypochondriac, etc.  So I immediately start running through all of the bad, life threatening diseases and illnesses and instantly had a rush of warmth come over me and terrible nausea.  The NP told be it looked like a NASTY virus, which can do that to the CBC and to bring her back the next day for a repeat CBC.  All night that night I was curled up in a little ball just WORRYING, terribly.  I just could NOT imagine my life without my girl!  I know God would never give me more than I could handle, but PLEASE Lord, don't put me to the test!  Anywho, to make a long story short, the next day her numbers came back up except for her platelets.  Platelets take about 72hrs to regenerate, so maybe thats why AND ibuprofen lowers your platelets anyway, and that is what she had been getting, religiously throughout this infection.  So we will have to go back next week to have her labs redrawn again.  Please pray that all of her levels go back to normal and she will be back to her normal self!

*Oh, did I tell you that I called the pediatrician about tubes??  They said to me that insurance usually has to have so many documented visits with ear infections/fluid on ears, etc. before they would pay for tubes.  OK, I don't give two cents about what insurance wants, this is MY child and this is for HER health and well being.  So I told them I really didn't want to wait until her 15 month appt before we do something about this ear problem.  To me, fluid on your ears is bad for hearing, speech, equilibrium, walking, etc.  The doctor called back and basically said "well this is who we refer and here is his number if you want to call them" UMM, thanks A LOT!  I decided to call this Ear, Nose and Throat doctor to get her seen.  I CAN'T wait, she CAN'T wait...momma trumps doctor in this situation and momma's instincts are calling. *

So today we decided to take Mia swimming at her cousin Landon's house.  Landon is 9 days younger than Mia, they are so cute together!  Mia still wasn't completely back to normal, but she still did a little bit of swimming!  After that we had an appt with the ENT specialist.  He looked in her ears and immediately said there was definitely fluid still on her ears and that if it had been there that long, it most likely wasn't going to go anywhere, so he recommended TUBES!!!!!!  He said that infections and fluid can cause hearing damage/loss and definitely mess with equilibrium and balance.  He didn't want us to WAIT any longer, so we are getting tubes NEXT FRIDAY!!  FINALLY, somebody listened to the momma!!  Please pray for her to have a short safe surgery that leads to less ear infections!!
BTW, I've now switched pediatricians!  I can't stand people not being proactive for my baby.  I want someone to take me seriously and not make my baby feel like just a number.  I'm excited about this change!
Now we are sitting at home and Mia is standing and has taken a step!!  JUST one, but multiple different times!!  Hopefully she will just take off after this surgery!!

Um, ok so that's it for now!  Anybody else have experience with ear tubes??

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