Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another one of THOSE posts

Yes, this will be another one of those posts.  You know, the one where I post a bunch a pics just to catch up on what we've been up too? Yeah, that kind.  I just feel like we are so go,go,go that I don’t have the time or energy to blog every night.  So here we go!



My favorite big girl trying to smile for the camera, but the flash on my phone is so bright she can’t keep her eyes open!  HAHA!!!


Mia had to have a hearing test done, unaided, in order to get into school.  We took her and she did great!  Like, so good that I thought someone had replaced MY Mia with another, abnormally well behaved Mia! HA!  She still has a minimal/mild hearing loss, which is what we expected, but she did so well that I thought she wouldn’t have any.  What do I know, I’m not an audiologist, just the kids mom.  :)  Although she is right on track with speech, having a hearing loss is a qualifier for getting into head start.  We are super excited about that because she LOVES school, and it will give her a break to do her own thing when the new baby comes!

Waiting patiently for her hearing test!



She did so well, in fact, that we took her to get an ice cream!

Strawberry milkshake for the lady :)



We then took her swimming and out to eat with Nana and Papaw!  But with no nap, this was her dinner…




And our dinner…

Yum!  Hot and sour soup with Hot tea at the best Chinese place around!!



On Saturday we went to Kingfish on the River for great Aunt Terri’s birthday, followed by visiting this little cutie…



Our friends from ABF just adopted this sweet girl 5 weeks ago.  She is such a sweetie and you can tell just how much joy and happiness she has already brought her mommy and daddy!


Sunday night, Mia spiked a 102.4 fever out of nowhere.  She was acting fine and had no other symptoms.  We had a playdate scheduled with Tiffani and Jase, but unfortunately had to cancel, because we didn’t want to expose him to whatever bug she had.  She kept her low grade fever for most of Monday, but by Monday night was completely back to normal and fever free.  I guess just a 24 hour bug?!

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Jewel said...

Where did you go for Chinese?? IT sounds so good right now : )