Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grow Sammy grow!

H 1.5 is growing by leaps and bounds these days!  She is so smart and we can already tell how close her and Mia are going to be.  Mia is her person.  She looks out for her and Mia for Sam.

Mia will go right up to Sam, gently grab her little face and say “Ohhh Sammy, oh Sammy!  You’re so cute!”  Sam just eats it up and licks all over Mia!  It is so sweet!


Thankfully she is starting to get out of her puppy biting and scratching stage.  There for a while poor Mia had scratches all over.


Sammy LOVES to just hang out outside.  Especially if her little buddy is outside :)


She is such a sweet and protective dog already!  We love her :)

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