Monday, September 24, 2012

And she’s off

Mia has officially started preschool!  Well, September 13 was her first official day, but I’m a little behind posting! 
And to say that she loves it would be a bit of an understatement!  My dad asked me if I was sad, but honestly, no. Not at all. Maybe I would be if she didn’t want to go, but she enjoys herself and mommy gets a little breather.  She just walks right in, puts her backpack in her cubby, goes over to the little sink and washes her hands and starts playing.  She is such an independent little girl anyway, school just makes her blossom.  And that? Makes my mommy heart smile :)


I can I just add how stinking hilarious she is?!  I mean, really. She makes me laugh every day by something she says or does.  For instance, here is a conversation from the other day when we went to pick her up from school.
Mia: “Hiiii dad!”
Dave: “Hi Mia!  I missed your face!”
Mia: “I missed your beard!”   HAHA!
Of course I then reached over and gently tugged at Dave’s ever expanding beard and Mia says “Mommy!  Don’t pull my daddy’s beard!”  Ok, Mia.  “Because I said so!  Tell Daddy you’re sorry and go to timeout!” 
OH my, I have such a bossy and sassy girl on my hands :)