Saturday, September 22, 2012

22 Weeks with H2

Yes, I know I am terribly behind in these posts, but we have been extremely busy.  I have been taking pictures though!


I am definitely in the 2nd trimester bliss right now!  I feel great and I’m not too big to where I am uncomfortable yet! 
Cravings:  Well, not any particular food. I LOVE crunching ice (yes, I am probably anemic), and absolutely crave the smell of white out and gasoline. Weird.  I know.  Just know that I DO NOT go around sniffing white out or huffing gasoline (although I would love too!)!!  I will be talking to my doctor about this at my next appointment.  I have started taking iron, so hopefully that helps.  I did this exact same thing when I was pregnant with Mia!
Symptoms: None really.  Feeling great, but it is getting harder to bend over to bathe the kids or tie my shoes :)  HAHA
Movement:  This little lady loves to move around, but mostly in the middle of the night.  Not a good sign for what is in store for me ;)
I am truly enjoying this pregnancy.  I am in NO hurry what so ever to get her out.  I am cherishing feeling every movement and just being pregnant.  However, I feel like this time is going so much faster than with Mia.  I don’t worry about every.single.thing. this time.  It’s so nice!  God has definitely blessed me beyond what I deserve!

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