Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week 6 with H2

H2 is the size of a sweet pea this week!


Symptoms: Exhaustion, breast tenderness and NAUSEA! Yes, the nausea has officially HIT!

It’s strange to me because nothing really sounds good to eat, but every now and then, something will come to my head that sounds decent, we will run up and get it, and then?  It tastes YUCKY! WTHeck taste buds?!  While I was pregnant with Mia, grilled chicken salad with ranch from Texas Roadhouse was my staple.  I had it about 4 times per week.  This time?  I think something will taste ok, but it doesn’t!

Also, this week started the whole “gagging-while-trying-to-take-my-prenatal” thing.  At this point I’m not even worried about the vitamin, just trying to force down the folic acid!  HA!


Otherwise, still feeling overjoyed and thankful for this pregnancy and the special little one developing inside me :)

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