Saturday, August 16, 2014

Benefit and Fair

Our amazing friends put together a “benefit” for our family to help us with any costs/medical bills we have.  The amount of people and the money fundraised for my family was more than heartwarming.  I was moved to tears to see everyone who participated, helped in some way or gave over and beyond the donation amount.  The amount of comfort, support and compassion I felt was unreal.  We are beyond blessed to have our family and our friends (who we consider family) in our lives.  I can not even begin to describe how thankful and appreciative we are for each and everyone of you.  You are all a blessing to us. And to Morgan and Bill, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, is not even enough.  I can never express to you the love we felt.  So much selfless time and energy was put into this, and we are eternally grateful. We love you so much. 

After the benefit, we headed to the fair with Aunt Terri, Uncle Charlie, Nana and Papaw, the girls and Jackson!  We all had a blast!

Mouth full of turkey leg; German roasted pecans!

Baby got an ice cream all for herself!!
Maybe mommy helped, just a little :)

Jackson getting a little love from Mia, and his fill of ice cream!!

My phone went dead before I could take any pictures of my big girl riding all.the.rides.  Everything she was tall enough for, she rode!!  That girl is SO FULL OF LIFE.  Love my little dare devil ;) 
What an amazing day.  Feeling very blessed and special!!  Thank you Lord!!

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