Thursday, August 14, 2014

PCB 2014, Day 6

And probably the best day yet!!
We started early in the morning with a jet ski ride to see the dolphins and visit shell island.  Dad and Ben rode on one and Dave, Mia and I rode one.  Meme stayed at the condo with Finley.


The water was SO clear today.  You could seriously walk out until you were up to your neck and STILL see your feet!!  It was the most gorgeous day yet!

Once we reached shell island, Ben and I walked to the other side to the beautiful beach. 

Jet ski selfie while we were idling!

Excuse my cray hair, we were going 30-40MPH on.the.water and Mia kept saying “go faster!”  Little dare devil.
We had SO much fun.  I’m so glad we decided to go because we made so many great memories!

Next up, more beach and pool!
Swimming with my bay bay’s.

The beach life will wear a kid out, yo.

Dinner at a local place, Dee’s hang out.
Finley and daddy’s crawfish somethingoranother.

We then went to some local shops and took Mia to get her first hair wrap!!  I had one when we went on our first trip to Florida when I was younger, so I really wanted Mia to get one, for my pleasure, not hers!  HAHA


Trying to get a half way decent picture of my ladies…

What a jam packed, all fun, amazing day!  Thank you Lord!!

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