Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PET Scan results and a glimpse…

Dave and I finally got back around to joining another gym, now that he is feeling pretty good and has a decent break from chemo.  We decided to join the LAC because it doesn’t have a contract, and with surgery coming up, we needed that flexibility. 
I’m gonna jump around for a minute.  It will tie in, promise.

Dave had his PET scan yesterday.  We figured we would get the results today, but weren’t for sure.  When I called the office, they just made us an appointment for NEXT Monday to view and discuss the results and to get the next plan of action.  NEXT MONDAY??  That is going to be an agonizing week.  So, I did what any control freak would do, text the doctor!  HA!  Yes, I’m probably the world’s worst patient.  Look, don’t give me your number if you don’t intend for me to use it ;)
My text to Dr. Williams: “Hoping for great PET scan results from yesterday.  Nervous nelly here.”  Second text: “Lauren Huff, by the way ;)”
I put my phone up and left it in the car, headed into the gym, fully intending on NOT getting a response.
Dave and I had a great workout, just easing back into it, since it’s been since about January since we’ve last been.  It was so awesome, in fact, that I caught a glimpse from the past.  Dave always makes this certain face, teeth gritted together, eyes squinched, when he works out.  He has done it for as long as I’ve known him.  And we’ve been in and out of the gym since we were 15.  However, seeing that face today?  Made me well up with happiness and sadness.  Happiness to see him back in his happy place, his zone.  Happy to see him doing what he has always loved.  But sadness for what has been altered.  Sad because of what this disease has taken from him.  Sadness that he may never be able to lift the way he used to again.
Cancer is a roller coaster ride.  You can be high one minute, and so low you feel you will never get out, the next minute.
We finished up our first workout and headed to the car, head held high, that we are getting somewhat back to normal, for now, at least.
We got the kids in the car and before we pulled out, I got my phone out to check it.  2 new messages. One of those was from Dr. Williams.  Insert heart racing.
The text from Dr. Williams read:  “They are spectacular.  Near full resolution of tumor.”


Did you read that???!!  Yes, his cancer is almost GONE!!!!  I’m crying tears of joy!!!

Y’all?!  Our God is faithful!!!  PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!!
Despite myself, my questioning, my anger, He is STILL loving and faithful.  I never once lost faith, matter of fact, I’ve prayed more, bargained more than I ever have, but I was still so upset.  But He can handle it.  He is my loving Father.
We are so, so over joyed right now!!!
And my go-to friends?  Mindy, Aubrey and Tara?  I love you girls more than you know.  They always pray for us and with us and know what to say anytime I need a word.  I am so thankful for these Godly ladies in my life.


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Lindsey Evans said...

Praise God! Great news!