Sunday, September 21, 2014

IHOP and outlet shopping

After the girls initial wake up call at 630 (according to Dave, I didn't wake up then!), they went back to sleep and we all woke up 930 and headed to IHOP for breakfast!  Once we got our bellies full, we headed out to our new outlet mall.  Who doesn't love a little outdoor shopping, on a beautiful day??

This child was absolutely FULL of herself today.  She has always had a thing for the Old Navy mannequins, and she does not discriminate!  She got up by the headless models and said "Mom, take my picture!"  Girlfriend has NO problems with confidence! HAHA

Coloring at Old Navy...

Mr. Jackson!

Throwing some coins in the fountain and making wishes!  Mia doesn't exactly know the concept of a "wish" because as she was throwing the penny in she said "I love Jesus!"  Although I LOVE that, I gently told her what a wish was and she said with her next penny "I wish to go to Heaven!"  Again, my mama heart was so proud, but I took that opportunity to explain, again, how we get to heaven.  I am so thankful that Jesus is helping me to mold her little heart.  It takes a little bit of love and a WHOLE LOT OF JESUS!!!

Oh my baby girl(s), I pray for your early salvation every night.  I pray for your tender heart and your innocents.  I hope both of my babies always know how special they are and how incredibly much they are loved.  They have changed my life just by coming into this world.

What a great weekend we had!!

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