Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More dr appts and park fun

Dave had two post op appointments today, and in between, we went to the park with Finley!

Dr. Price was first.  He removed Dave's bandage (which looks AWESOME, by the way.) and gave us the good news that he got CLEAR margins (an area around the tumor without any cancer cells!) and that the actual tumor was ALL DEAD!!!  

Again, all we can say is PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Other than some swelling and weakness, he is doing great.

After the park and the Walking Bridge, we headed to Dr. Gupta's office.  Everything looks great on their end as well.  He will be in occupational therapy for a good 8 months to a year to get back to mostly normal function.

His Xray.  You can see all of the screws and his new bone!  (It's still pretty swollen, but otherwise looks great!

YAY for great news and a great family day!!  Thank you Lord for each and every day with my loves.

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