Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Surgery day

Yesterday was the day.  The big surgery.  I was a nervous hot mess ALL.DAY.   I couldn't think about anything else, I couldn't hardly eat anything, I had random crying outbursts.  I was a wreck.  However, it was nice to have the people who care the most about him/us there with me.  My dad arrived at the hospital at 530am with us (bought multiple meals and stayed the whole time), my mom came up after she dropped Mia off at school (stayed the whole time, went and picked Mia up and came back), his Aunt Terri came up and early and stayed with us the entire time.  We also had his uncle Charlie, uncle Chuck, Tina (who was keeping our Finley all day and night for us), our friend Aubrey and the teacher of our Sunday school class.

I know it's not important to write all of that, but I wanted to for his sake.  So he could read and know how many many love him.

I was/am very thankful for all of the kind people who came up to be with us.  I can not tell you how grateful we are for the people who took time out of their lives to be with us during this very tough time.  I mean, this was HUGE.  Huge for him.  Huge for US.  Huge for this journey. This was a surgery.  A MAJOR surgery to remove the stupid cancer in his body.  Under a lot of anesthesia.  I know they perform surgeries everyday, but you never know what could happen.

My dad and I were the last ones he saw and talked to before surgery.  My heart ached for him, for the surgery he was about to have, and for reasons outside of the surgery, that could have been different.  My heart was scared for him.  Not knowing the outcome that could be.  But, he is the strongest person I know.   He didn't show one ounce of fear.  All bravery.  It was my dad and I that had to keep our composure together in front of him.  HA! Although I didn't want to be there, in our situation, but I couldn't imagine not being there for him.  I love him more than anything and I know that HE KNOWS that.  And that comforts me.  Not trying to be morbid, but anyone who knows my brain, knows that I always think and worry about the worst case scenario.  And anesthesia is one of those things that scare the crap out of me! HA 

The surgery started at 915 and I didn't get called back to the recovery room until 630.  Longest 9 hours ever!

During the surgery itself, they were able to remove all of the tumor (and Dr. Price said what was left was dead), the majority of the radius bone, cut some muscles and tendons and removed a nerve that was involved.  They replaced it with an allograft (donor bone) bone and therefore didn't even have to touch his leg, like they previously thought they were going to have to.  Dr. Price said he felt really good about getting clear margins and he was very meticulous about getting his tattoo back to as normal as he could :)

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!

We got discharged today and he is doing amazing.  Again, the strongest, bravest person I know.  He is my rock and I would be lost without him.  LOVE HIM SO!

I can not say thank you enough for all of you who were there for us, who have been there for us, who have prayed for us, called, texted, etc.  We are grateful for YOU.  We can never repay you.  Just know, we are overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation and love for you!!

God has certainly had His hand on my husband throughout this journey!

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