Monday, October 24, 2011

Halo Photography

Through Facebook, we found a local photographer who takes amazing pictures for an amazing price.  I “liked” her on FB, so I just kept up with her work and fell in love with it.  When I found out the price, it sealed the deal! 
Since the closing of one of our favorite local picture places, I have yet to find any place I love to get our pictures made.  We desperately needed some updated family pics, so we decided to set up an appointment with Halo.
Here’s her work…
16 (3)1721 (3)222324 (3)2526 (3)28 (3)29 (3)
1 (3)2 (3)3 (3)6 (3)8 (3)11 (3)13 (3)14 (3)
22 (2)24 (2)
5 (2)10 (2)
Pretty awesome, eh?
If you want any information, just “like” her on FB and tell her the Huff’s sent ya!

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