Monday, October 3, 2011

Baseball game, Girls night and UL game

Last week Mia and I ventured out to watch our almost-7-year-old cousin play baseball.  Mia is in love with Charlie and Brody.  Their momma Tina is who watches Mia while I work.  Mia and boys have a very special relationship and that makes my heart melt.  It is so funny to watch how different her relationship is with Charlie than with Brody.

Brody is 4, so him and Mia have more of the sibling relationship.  They love each other to death, but they also have their fighting moments.  My child acts like a wild banshee around the boys and she loves to wrestle with Brody!




Partners in crime!



Now Charlie, who is almost 7, takes on the very protective, loving older cousin.  He is always hugging on Mia and showing her the ropes.  He tries to nurture her and take up for her.  He is so sweet with her!


Charlie and Mia!



How stinking sweet is that?!


Can you see the adoration in her eyes?!

We couldn’t ask for better cousins than those boys!

Thursday Mia and I had church/bible study in the morning and then mommy had Girls Night that evening with our Sunday school friends!  We always have so much fun and learn so much from each other. 


Kristen, Tiffani (Jase’s mommy!) and Tara


Aubrey, Ashlee and baby Liam


Tara and Melissa

There are lots of other ladies we missed that night, but we always have a blast!

Friday daddy had a day off so we took Mia and the boys to Gatti Land and to see Lion King 3D in the theatre.  The boys were great, but Mia got a little restless and toward the end of the movie fell asleep.  It’s my fault though because we ate around noon and the movie was at 1:55, so she completely missed her nap :(


Playing some arcade games…






The cool clan in their 3D glasses :)

Later that evening on our way home, I saw on Facebook where work was needing help that night.  I was already supposed to work all day Saturday so I decided to trade and work Friday night so that I could be off on Saturday.  I worked 11pm-11am.  THAT?  Is a tough shift.  Especially for a day shifter!  HAHA!  I came home at 1130 and slept from 12 to 1:20.  Yes, an hour and a half.  I got up, got ready and we headed to the UL football game with our friends Kevin and Aubrey.  I was so exhausted but once I got going I got my 4th wind and was fine.  I’m so glad I went because even though we lost, we had such a great time!


Kevin and Aubrey.  Aren’t they cute together?  Such sweet and fun people!

Sorry for such a long post, but I can’t seem to get it together and post every day or even every other day.

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