Saturday, December 24, 2011

Arthur and a new Christmas Tradition

First thing, I’ve got to note the funny thing Mia did yesterday.  I was in my room and Ben was in the bathroom when he saw a *previously* wrapped present (lip gloss) slide under the door. Then the little innocent voice that followed “B? Wip gwoss!”  We knew what she had done but we couldn’t find the *wrapping* anywhere.  I asked Mia where the paper was and she said “Behind the cha-uh (chair)”  And sure enough, in the few short minutes that no one was around her, she swiped the present from beneath the tree, ran to her room and hid behind the glider and slyly and ever so quietly opened her lip gloss.  HA!  And the kicker is that there were plenty of other presents under the tree and most of the others were much bigger.  I guess she thought if she got the small one, she wouldn’t get caught as easily!  Smart cookie, that one!
Mia with a pink lemonade treat!
We took her to see Arthur Christmas yesterday, and although not entirely appropriate for my 2 year old and slightly corny at times, it was pretty decent. She sat through about 75% of it before she started getting “ants in her pants.”  I personally didn’t like the “story of the movie” and if we were *doing* Santa, I think that movie may put a “bad taste in your mouth” of him.  I am so glad we decided to not teach Mia about Santa.  With that said, I am not Anti-Santa and I allow Mia to watch Santa movies and the Grinch (which she loooves).  We just don’t want to lose the focus of the real meaning of Christmas!
We have started a new Christmas tradition in the House/Harlan house.  The past three years have been kind of tricky planning a time for us to do *Our* Christmas together because Christmas Eve and day and so busy.  Dave and I decided that every Christmas Eve Eve we would take Mia to see a Christmas movie and then have a celebration at Meme and Poppy’s house.  We also discussed that we would buy each other Christmas “jams” that we could open on Christmas Eve so that we could have them on for Christmas morning pics :)
  We had dinner, opened presents and watched “Dolphin Tail.”  It was a great night and I am so glad to start a new tradition!
Hope everyone was a wonderful Christmas weekend!

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