Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

We started out this morning just hanging around the house and being silly…
Before showers, still in our jams…
This is her “wink!”  She can only do it with *both* eyes!  HA!
christmas eve
christmas eve1
christmas eve2
Kisses for mama!
christmas eve3
We tried desperately for a nap, but to no avail we had to get ready to head out to start our family Christmas festivities!
In the car with sleepy eyes…
christmas eve4
Annnddd, about 5 minutes later…
christmas eve5
Dave and I ready for Christmas!
We had so much good food and spent quality time with great family!  The kids had a blast!
christmas eve9
Mia and her pal/BFF Jazzlyn!
christmas eve10
christmas eve11
My attempt to get SEVEN kids to all “cheeeese” and look at the camera…HA!
christmas eve12
One with closed eyes and the other digging for treasure!  5 out of 7 isn't to shabby!!!
christmas eve7
Merry Christmas to all!

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