Thursday, December 8, 2011

Funny stuff my daughter says/does…


I’ve been jotting down notes in my phone every time Mia does something or says something cute or funny, but she is doing it so frequently that I have to go ahead and blog it for the next funny thing she does!  HA!


If Dave *or anybody for that matter* does anything to me, whether it be hug me, tickle me, anything, Mia goes up to them, spanks their butt and says “NO NO!  Go timeout” and points to the corner!  Once they go to the corner for a little bit, she motions her little hands and says “c’mere!”  When she has that persons attention she says “Are you sowwy?” HAHA!  She IS her mothers daughter :)


Since I’ve been sick this past week, Mia has been VERY nurturing.  I’ve seen her mommy-like tendencies toward other kids, but now she is doing it with me.  She saw a pimple I had on my face and and said “Mommy booboo?” Then she pats my arm ever so gently and says “You’re ok momma!” So stinking sweet.  Now she is even going to the bathroom, getting some toilet paper and holding it up to my nose and saying “Blow!”  Love that kid!

On that same note, I had to get a shot for work today and she told me “You’re ok momma” and then looked to the nurse and said “Momma sucker?!” I know she’s got my back!  HA!


My girl loves loves loves to sing!  She sings all kinds of songs like her ABC’s, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus loves Me and she even makes up her own as she goes!  The other day she starting singing “Mommy's car, daddy’s car, mommy, daddy, mommy’s car!” Crazy girl!

Whenever she does something funny she shakes her head and says “cwazy guhl!”

Mia can count to 15 without assistance, she knows almost all of her shapes and is getting better at her colors!  They amaze me how smart they are!


She is getting better at the whole potty thing, but I am letting her take the lead on that.  I’m not going to push her and her go backwards.  She won’t go to preschool in diapers!

We took her to see Santa this year and she HATED it!  I don’t really know quite where I stand with the whole Santa idea anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal.  I don’t want her to behave for Santa for gifts, but for Jesus because that is what is in her heart.  We are reading the story of Christmas, talking about Jesus’ birthday and starting to do random acts of Christmas kindness (inspired from Pinterest) to show her the true meaning of Christmas.  I want her to know it is about Jesus’ birthday and that it is far better to give than to receive.  Raising a child is mind boggling!  HAHA!

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