Monday, January 14, 2013

The past few days…

We are trying to get everything done and items crossed off the list, before D-day.  If you know me at all, check lists are my BF’s!


Mia had her dentist appointment, and of course, the time I can’t take her, she sits in the chair for the first time AND lets them use the buffer tool thing!


Where did my little baby go??


I also had to squeeze in  my last minute hair and eyebrow appointment.  I didn’t want to get it done to early, but I did wait very late.  I kept saying, I can NOT go into labor or my water break until I get my hair done!  HAHA!!  But, I made it, so she can come any time now :)


THAT, is a belly people!!

We got in our final grocery trip before miss Finley decides to show up…


This sweet girl was so good, she got a sucker!


Our Sammy girl is even getting in some QT before little sister arrives!



We went and had dinner with my parents…


Grilled chicken salad and GRAPE JUICE, not wine ;)


And finally, I’ve been really, really, soaking in this sweet time with my big girl!



Ok Finley, you may grace us with your presence!

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