Thursday, March 21, 2013

I’ve created a monster

Every since Mia was Finley’s age, we have always been on the go.  We would go on lots of “play” dates.  Even if it was to the mall with my friends while she sat in the stroller, oblivious to what was going on ;)  And speaking of mall, that is one of our favorite places to go.  We get to go and walk around, window shop, get a cookie and a lemonade and throw coins in the fountain.  Cheap entertainment.

Some, or most, of those times, little lady got something.  Even if it was something really little.  That is my favorite thing to do.  I would rather wear the same clothes over and over and buy for her wardrobe.  It’s just more fun to me.  I say all of that to lead me to the point of the monster I have created.

I caught her on the laptop and I asked her what she was doing…


She said “I’m looking for a cute bathing suit!”
I am SO in for it! HA!

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