Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lunch and love

Monday, Finley and I went to eat sushi with one of the sweetest girls I know, Joelle!!  I just love her sweet heart and fun personality!  We (and I say “we” because she gave Finley the royal treatment when she was born!) always love spending time with her :)


Monday evening and night, the girls and I just had a chill night at home. Poppy, Meme and B came over for a little bit to spend some time and love on us!  We love their company :)  Mia loved on her little sister and then mommy got to watch the Bachelor finale ;)


Today, after Mia got out of school, we went to CFA (where they will soon know us by name!) to meet Lori and Brinlee.  They ate and played for a couple of hours and mommy got to have some girl time with sweet Lori!!  It’s so much fun seeing these girls interact!

My squishy…

I am so ready for spring/summer play dates!  We can only be trapped inside and go to CFA for so long before we go stir crazy!

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