Monday, March 4, 2013

Pictures, weekend and a boob girl

This past Saturday we had an appointment to get Finley’s newborn pictures (yes I’m 6 weeks late)/sibling pictures made with the same photographer who did our maternity shoot. I had all of these high hopes of what our pictures would look like.  I surfed Pinterest and found all of these perfectly posed and cooperative children in these pictures and was picturing my girls in these pictures.
Of course, this is real life, and that didn’t happen.
First of all, we stopped by the gas station so that I could *buy* some bribery for the oldest girl to cooperate.  Nothing a peanut butter M&M can’t do.  Including getting lots of smiles :)  We get there and immediately the little decided to have a couple of blow-out-breastmilk-poop diapers.  No big deal.  Except for the fact that now she is wide awake.  Therefore not as cooperative or, eh, squishy.  And foldable. 
I had this one pose that I really wanted.  I had it envisioned.  Mia was shirtless, lying on her back and Finley was to lay on her belly, on Mia.  The idea was for Finley to be asleep and Mia to have an I’m-so-in-love-with-my-sister look.  What really went down was Mia shirtless, lying on her back.  We put Finley on her belly, on top of Mia and Finley immediately started bobbing her head.  Ahem, looking for food.  She made her way over to the side and latched on to Mia!!!!  That kid could latch on to a wall!


Mia starts giggling about how it tickled and I’m pretty sure we were all about to bust a gut laughing.  I’m pretty sure we didn’t get that graceful, sweet picture that I was hoping for.  But I AM sure that we got some wonderful candid photos and lots of memories to take home forever.
Real life, people.
We were winding down and getting a last few minute shots of Finley when she decided to poo on me.  Again, the sweet naked baby picture ideas?  They don’t show the parents getting pee and pooped on!!  The best part about it?  I wiped it off with a wipe and still went out to eat afterwards without changing clothes.  You know you are a mom when?…


Once that 2ish hour ordeal was over we went to eat lunch/dinner with Nana, Papaw and Aunt Terri.  Of course, Finley slept through that.  We had some delicious steak and then headed to Bass Pro shop to look around for a bit.  It was good cheap entertainment!
Sunday we hung out at the house for most of the day and then went to Meme and Poppy’s for dinner.  Very chill Sunday.  Just the way we like it. I am, however, missing church.  Hoping to get back next week, now that Finley is a little older. 
What did you do this weekend?

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